Best Social Media Marketing Strategies For Small Business


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Best Social Media Marketing Strategies For Small Business

Best Social Media Marketing Strategies For Small Business

In this article we will look at the best social media marketing strategies to promote any small business on the internet.

* Social Media Viral Syndication – Social networking is the future of traffic. Google is starting to use social triggers more and more to help decide which content to rank on Google because it is harder to manipulate giving yourself backlinks from other peoples social networking accounts. But you can use social media to get traffic without having to rely on Google. Just post one interesting blog post with some informative tips and then go to a relevant Facebook Group and share the content.

Your competition will be low because everyone else will be posting spammy looking links, so if you simply write something like “Hey everyone, I have just posted this article that I think will help you in your business. What do you think?” then you will stand out from all the hype.

* Twitter Marketing – This free web traffic strategy does not rely on you having many Twitter followers. As part of this best free web traffic tip, simply post a link to your blog post in Twitter but use hashtags to have the Twitter search engine associate your tweet with relevant keywords. Many Twitter users request to be notified when a tweet comes in containing phrases they are interested in. So use you hashtags (#InternetMarketing, #Business etc.) wisely. Also specifically request that people re-tweet your links to increase chances of viral syndication.

* TribePro – This social bookmarking service is like Ping.FM but taken to the next level. For every link you post, it will be shared via the social media accounts of many other marketers. This will create social backlinks from real social networking accounts with a variety of different IP addresses. TribePro operates under the “sharing the love” philosophy in the internet marketing world, where by you see other marketers as colleagues and not competitors. Social media marketing is at its strongest with marketers share each others content without worrying about sending traffic to their “competitors”. * Viral Video Traffic – YouTube is considered to be a social networking websites nowadays. YouTube is an interactive community that can generate web traffic directly from the internal YouTube search and on the main Google search. Videos are now listed along text based websites in Google for direct free search engine traffic. One trick to get social media traffic from YouTube is to embed a popular viral video that someone else has created into your own blog post (this is perfectly legal and ethical). And then share that blog post via Facebook and Twitter, but direct traffic to the video on your blog and not to the video on YouTube.

* Social Media Blog Post Sharing – Don’t hang around and wait for Google to give you traffic, go out there and promote your content and get quicker traffic. A quick make money blogging tip for this is to write a press release to announce that blog post. You can even reuse much of the content in the PR to save time. A press release gets into Google News and will get traffic and backlinks to your blog post. Also share it via Facebook and Twitter and encourage others to do the same.

Take action on these best social media strategies for more traffic to your small business blog. It is a quick and easy way to increase web traffic without having to solely rely on the Google search.

Do you have a product or service that is targeted towards a certain niche or market, but don’t know how to get the word out? One of the most effective and easiest ways to drive traffic to your website and products is through Social Media Marketing.To integrate your social media tools contact us @ sigmasolve

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