BlackBerry’s BBM app now ready for iPhone, Android devices

BlackBerry says its popular instant messaging service is now ready for Apple’s iPhone and devices using the Android operating system, following a technical glitch that delayed the launch.

Andrew Bocking, head of BBM operations, said in a BlackBerry blog post on Monday that BlackBerry Messenger would be available for free within hours on Apple, Google and select Samsung app stores.

It is official, the Blackberry Messenger app has been released on Android and iOS (search for “BBM” in the store), and we’re looking forward to telling you more about it. Before you get too excited, you should also be aware that there is a virtual “waiting list” since BlackBerry apparently wants to ramp this up in a somewhat controlled way.

Since BBM is one of the most-used BB service, the company may fear that its servers could have a hard time keeping up with the first surge resulting from the launch. About 6M people have already signed up to get more details, so in theory they should all get an immediate access. Here is the general process to get access if you don’t have access now: Just download the app, and register with your email. At that point, you will get in the virtual line to have access.

BlackBerry decided to yank the BBM app while its programmers worked to solve the problem.

The BBM instant messaging service has been a popular feature for Blackberry users because it allows real-time text messages on a secure server, but doesn’t require a customer to purchase an SMS text package from their wireless carrier.

BlackBerry has said it wants to turn BBM into a revenue generator for the company through advertising partnerships.

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