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RPA Revolution: A Comprehensive Guide by Sigma Solve

RPA revolutionizes how we work by transforming mundane and repetitive tasks into efficient, automated processes. These digital assistants, also known as “bots”, are the tireless workers of the digital age, executing back and front office processes with unrivalled speed and

Magento EOL
Magento Development

What Does Magento EOL Mean?

Adobe recently announced that Magento would enter the end-of-life (EOL) on September 8, 2022. This means that Magento will no longer be receiving official support from Adobe, and Adobe Commerce will replace it. If your business is currently using Magento,

Nicklpay Development

What is Nickl

What is Nickl? Nickl is platform with the ability to solve all inquiries in regard to financial concerns as well as direct payments from clients to businesses. Far too often, businesses have major concerns regarding security as well as the

Shopify Alternatives for Ecommerce
Ecommerce Development

Shopify Alternatives for eCommerce

If you know anything about the eCommerce space, you’ve probably heard of Shopify. As one of the most popular eCommerce platforms available, many budding entrepreneurs and startup owners automatically head straight to Shopify to sell their goods and services. In

Sigma Solve Partnership with Liferay
Digital Transformation Solutions

Sigma Solve Expands Digital Transformation Expertise in Partnership with Liferay

Sigma Solve and Liferay announced today that they have formed a strategic partnership, adding Liferay DXP to Sigma Solve’s service portfolio. This partnership will enhance Sigma Solve’s offerings by engaging B2B, B2C, and B2E user experiences leveraging “Best of Breed”

Managed Services Model or Staff Augmentation
Staff Augmentation

Which Is Better: The Managed Services Model or Staff Augmentation?

Everywhere you look these days, there are staff shortages. Companies are struggling more than ever to find, attract and retain good people. The higher the skill level required, the more difficult it is to fill a position. But we still

Managed Services and Staff Augmentation
Staff Augmentation

The Differences Between Managed Services and Staff Augmentation

The need for competent IT services (or any form of services, really) is always increasing in an unpredictable and dynamically changing corporate climate. The shortage of competent software developers, on the other hand, is a fact that today’s market must

Augmentation Vs. Recruiting

How To Scale Your Business Quickly (Augmentation Vs. Recruiting)

Many successful companies experience growing pains. That comes with the territory. There is a special anxiety that comes from important projects as they start to gain momentum. That anxiety is compounded when management recognizes that these projects will need extra

Staff Augmentation

Everything You Need to Know About Staff Augmentation

The staff augmentation model is a fantastic alternative for IT organizations looking to save on expenses while increasing production and efficiency. Before you use this model, you must first understand what it entails, what it can be used for, what

Augmentation Vs. Outsourcing

Augmentation vs. Outsourcing

Sometimes, corporate IT departments need technical staffing services to speed up their projects. The firms may opt for outsourcing engagement models. Two such models are staff augmentation and project outsourcing. This article compares the two techniques and provides more information

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