The Challenge

  • To build App for a Point of Sale device. That device should include a passport scanner, QR Code scanner, bill printing, Card Swiping and e-validation.
  • To build an app for end user to manage a single database.
  • To build a product to manage merchants and tourists.

The Solution

  • We built a custom library for a POS device.
  • The solution has the capability to scan, read, print and update options.
  • The solution allows to manage the bank account of users from different countries.

App Features

  • Faster communication by routing issues immediately
  • Reduce time spent on paperwork
  • Onsite app access anywhere with one tap to all POS platforms
  • Ability to scan the passport, card and printing the vouchers in POS devices.
  • Automated refund process for the customer.

The Results

  • Automation of the manual tasks streamlined the process, making management much easier for the client.
  • Client have also been noticing greater sales as the staff members have been freed up and are able to spend more time on marketing activities for the brand.

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