The Challenge

  • To build an app that offers a weekly subscription meal service where users can stay focused on an active lifestyle from the convenience of their mobile device.
  • To provide options to view and manage details for each of the seven meal plans

The Solution

  • Sigma Solve designed an app that enables users to order meals and manage their accounts directly to avoid meal prep altogether. One can enjoy delectable, calorie-controlled meals prepared by 5-star gourmet chefs delivered right to their doors every week.

App Features

  • Reordering made easy via one-click option
  • Notifications utilized to boost app sales and reduce customer attrition
  • Can manage allergies and dislikes/preferences
  • Can easily connect with Fresh Meal Plan’s customer care team
  • Simple checkout process
  • ** COVID-19: Contact list ordering improved app sales dramatically **

The Results

  • Automation of the manual tasks streamlined the process, making management much easier for the client.
  • Client have also been noticing greater sales as the staff members have been freed up and are able to spend more time on marketing activities for the brand.

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