• Annual revenues of $20 million via mobile app and nopCommerce website
  • Reduced customer attrition by over 40%
  • Operational Efficiencies and Cost Savings of 20%


Fresh Meal Plan, a Blue Apron subscription competitor that delivers meals to your door, had been growing due to a recent digital web and snail mail marketing campaign. However, the website was disconnected from the sales team in that all leads, inquiries, and orders were simply being stored in a database connected to the website. The sales team had to login to the website administration daily to see if any orders had been placed, or if any leads or inquiries had to be tended to.



Sigma Solve implemented and consolidated Fresh Meal Plan’s multiple ecommerce sites, upgraded the nopCommerce platform, created a mobile app, and integrated their Salesforce.com with nopCommerce.com.
  1. Design & UXA brand new design to meet the client’s goals and built an optimal structure flow and user experience to order weekly meals easily. Customized menu development for admin to manage & post a new menu every weekfor every plan for users to have a FRESH variety of meals to choose from.Subscription : Customers will be able to select the number of meals (6, 10, 14) per week. Based on the selected number users can select the day and time to receive the meal. Default meal plans added by admin for customers to select as per the day.A La Carte : Customers can view and select the individual meals from any plans after selecting the item boxes.
  2. Customized Meal Feature
    To ease the process, we have provided an option on the homepage, for “customize selections”. Each customer will be able to view the list of meal plans with details and add the customization as per their convenience.

Technologies Used


  • Through the implementation of Sigma Solve’s solution that incorporated cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, customer churn as well as order cancellations significantly decreased.
  • Increases in revenues were observed on the mobile app and the customized website. Customer representatives could easily log in to Salesforce.com and view order details while speaking to customers over the phone, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.
  • Tools such as Klaviyo and Hotjar were utilized to target and offer customers’ products to improve offerings.
  • Market automation and workflows were developed to increase sales and customer experience.

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