Salesforce Customization

With our years of experience and knowledge of integration and customization using Salesforce Sigma Solve, Inc is your partner, working alongside your team to make your business successful.

We have automated and delivered diverse solutions to leverage your Salesforce customization and propel your business to the highest efficiencies – with a keen focus on your ROI.

From concept to completion, we design and develop complex applications keeping the user at the epicenter. Our custom solutions sync with eCommerce and accounting systems inserting data into Salesforce from external systems and forms and reducing manual intervention to streamline business processes.

Our eCommerce sync allows our customer sales representatives to see orders within Salesforce negating steps and keeping customers from logging into the eCommerce platform to see their actual orders. This avoids double data entry and provides superior and instant customer service.

Integrating customer forms directly to Salesforce allows for quicker execution of the business process and giving your dispatch team the tools necessary to directly take control of orders.

Salesforce Implementation

We adhere to the best practices and proven methods when it comes to Salesforce Implementation.

Extensive industry analysis, precision data mapping and successfully planned execution, personify Sigma Solve’s Salesforce implementation services.

Sigma Solve works with customers using multiple mobile devices, noting this as one of the major challenges for businesses. And even mightier is the challenge to successfully connect with them, leaping the hurdles without a fall. Our Salesforce implementation services give organizations the leverage needed to survive this mobile era.

Salesforce Lightning Components

We help you harness the power of Salesforce Lightning with our expertise in creating awe-inspiring designs and solutions for both mobile devices and desktop applications. Salesforce Lightning Component Framework completely overhauls the CRM product within an enterprise.

We use the same framework to customize for our client by creating striking mobile-equipped Salesforce applications and functionalities with Salesforce Lightning™ Components.

Marketing Cloud Automation

Implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud campaigns to offer a better reach to target audiences.

We empower you to control your customer journeys on an individual basis, with real-time intelligence, combined data and calculated guidance for upcoming campaigns with current marketing initiatives.

With Salesforce Marketing cloud you will be able to distinctly chalk out the engagement with your customers, sculpt their journeys, and nurture prospects to sincerely engage leads to conversion, while providing your marketers with meaningful actionable insights. We help you build a scalable and robust platform which links your entire business process across departments and people.

App Exchange Services

Create your own business-focused apps by leveraging the Salesforce App Exchange.

We create products and solutions which are tailored to your needs & services on the Salesforce App Exchange platform. You can extend your services and offerings by integrating your software features with Salesforce with our help.

APIs & Integrations

Sigma Solve provides complete Salesforce integration services from strategy and development to management, This allows our clients to expedite incessant flow of data or information from one cloud to the other, one premise to another, or from cloud to platform on the premise.

We help you automate your business processes by integrating Salesforce applications with third party applications. Our application integration services provide a singular view of multiple business applications.

Some API integrations we have done include:

  • QuickBooks
  • Xero
  • Duedil
  • LinkedIn
  • Google
  • NetSuite
  • AT&T
  • SAP
  • Shopify
  • DocuSign
  • Amazon S3
  • Bugzilla
  • Salesforce API
If you need more information regarding Salesforce integration or development services then please contact us us at 954-397-0800.

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