Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Information is truly power, especially for businesses. However, while all enterprises have access to tons of data, few use it to drive their decision-making processes.


Organizations that have learned to convert their data into actionable insights have seen massive increases in their sales and revenues, transforming them into giant corporations.

So, where does the difference come in?

It lies in the concepts of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence.


About Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence is the process of collecting and storing an organization’s data in external or internal databases, for analysis and production of business insight. 

With a dizzying amount of information going through your enterprise each day, you can no longer rely on archaic methods to store and analyze the data.

If you are looking to exploit the power of actionable insights in making decisions, you have to know how to utilize data warehousing and business intelligence tools.

This is where we come in.

At Sigma Solve, we offer data analytics services, including storing, organizing, analyzing, and distributing ready-to-use data. We utilize state-of-the-art analytics tools to ensure you get the most out of your data, providing actionable insights that will give you a significant competitive advantage.

Our Services

Here are our offerings to our esteemed customers:

Fully Managed ETL/ELT

Sigma Solve provides commendable data movement solutions with fully managed ETL/ELT options. ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) is used for small-scale, on-premise, and structured data, while ELT (Extract, Load and Transform) is used for large amounts of scalable data that can be structured or unstructured.


Lakehouse for Analytics

Lakehouse technology combines the data warehouse and data lake technology to form a hybrid solution. The combination creates a formidable tool for managing both structured and unstructured data.

AI/ML and Advanced Analytics

Enjoy advanced data analytics with Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning tools. Sigma Solve employs Azure Databricks, Azure Machine Learning, and MLflow to make building and sharing machine learning applications easier and faster. These advantages also make data analysis, cleaning, and other forms of manipulation accessible and secure.

ML makes data warehousing efficient by capturing big data from different sources and storing them in a single, accessible platform for easy cleaning, analysis, and retrieval.

Scalable Managed Database

Sigma Solve Databases are designed to handle all types of data growth and users without crashing. Careful planning for workload growth is a priority because it ensures all data storage and retrieval is sustainable and financially logical.


Modern Cloud Data Warehouse

Modern cloud data technologies take advantage of the best techniques and tools to manage your data and keep you competitive. That is why Sigma Solve brings to you the most sophisticated software as a service (SaaS) option in the market: Snowflake.

Snowflake is an advanced cloud technology platform that supports an array of data workloads, including Data Applications, Data Engineering, Data Science, and Data Sharing. Modern cloud data solutions are easier to use, faster, and more flexible than traditional ones with the same capabilities.

business_intelligence _img

Actionable Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence has never been better than it is today with Solve Sigma’s BI tool. This cloud-based platform equips businesses with actionable insights that make it easier to run market analysis from data trends, make informed decisions about the future and critically track customer behavior. The BI tool allows you to structure your data in a coherent, interactive, and immersive way, making data management less stressful.

Benefits of Data Warehousing for Customers

All this sounds good, but why should you invest in data warehousing?

Enhanced Scalability

One of the greatest challenges with data storage is ensuring that the software and hardware can grow with the increase in data and users. Transferring data to new software is no simple task. This is why data warehouse scalability matters, especially for a fast-growing business.


Data warehousing incorporates advanced data solutions developed to function at maximum efficiency. ELT is used to move large volumes of data quickly, because its speed does not depend on the data. Lakehouse for analytics takes the best from data lake and data warehousing to create a powerful hybrid tool that requires less time and effort to manage. Modern cloud data technology such as Snowflake also eradicates the problem of tedious, time-consuming processes that were an issue in older models.

Data Security

Data warehouse development is characterized by advances in speed, scalability, and security. Data warehousing technology used the best technology available. With malware and hackers becoming more and more of a problem, investing in technology built with security in mind is the best option for the safety of your business and your clients’ data. A famous example is the effective ‘slave read only’ technique that keeps away malicious SQL code.

Enhanced Quality of Data

Data is generated in different forms and at different rates. Data may be from sales, surveys, and social media engagement. Some of it is structured, while others are unstructured. A data warehouse sorts through all these different forms of data and converts them into a uniform format, depending on your company's needs.

This preservation of quality not only saves energy; but also ensures that the eventual analysis is relevant.

Advanced Query Performance and Insight

Data warehouses are built to handle big data and complex queries, unlike other forms of analytics technology. This advantage means that analysis will be faster, more efficient, and cost-effective because the software will not crash from a heavy influx of data and advanced queries.

This is the age of information. Businesses that make the best use of the data available see an increase in sales, profits, and overall growth. If you partner with Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence experts like Sigma Solve, you will, without a doubt, notice the significant growth associated with making data-driven business decisions.

Here's what our clients are saying about us:

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