Facebook celebrates 10-year anniversary with personalized ‘Look Back’ videos

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg reflects first 10years today, he’s encouraging the community he built to do the same. Starting this morning, hundreds of millions of  Facebook users will receive a notification that a video summary of their life so far on Facebook is ready to watch.

For making your personalized video Go for this link: https://www.facebook.com/lookback

Click on Facebook’s a Look Back page and you’ll be greeted with a slideshow retrospective of your time on the social network, generated from your photos, profile pictures,statues and most-favorited posts, all set to a cheesy soundtrack of it.

orchestral strings. The slides are even timed to the music. The videos are a bit cheesy, but are potent reminders that for many of us, Facebook has become a very normal way to document our daily lives.

It’s the kind of video that might be expected at a wedding or a funeral, but with memories you… might not want to actually remember. My personal Look Back started with a shot from my high school prom, which is way better off buried forever, deep in Facebook’s archives.

Describing Facebook’s launch on February 4, 2014, a young Mark Zuckerbeg told the Harvard Crimson in 2006: “If I hadn’t launched it that day, I was about to just can it and go on to the next thing I was about to do.” He’s probably glad he decided to go ahead with it a decade on.

“Facebook has made the world much smaller, much more interactive,” said Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry.

Facebook says it has a global total of 1.23 billion monthly active users, including 945 million who use the social network on a mobile device.

According to the research firm eMarketer, Facebook has become the second-largest recipient of digital advertising spending behind Google, and is particularly strong in mobile ads.

As much as I enjoy celebrating my Birthday every year with my friends, I often regard the anniversary of my relationship with my significant other to be even more important.

At Facebook, we’re always looking to make it easier to share and recognize such milestones. That’s why we recently added the ability for you to include the date of your relationship anniversary on your Facebook profile. The new “Anniversary” field appears on profiles under the Relationship section of the Info tab.

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