Build a Grocery Delivery App during Covid-19 lockdown


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Grocery Delivery App

Grocery Delivery App

Build a Grocery Delivery App during Covid-19 lockdown

Lockdown due to the spread of Coronavirus has made a huge impact on our lives. Covid-19 has transformed the way people get groceries and food supplies. This pandemic has increased demand for grocery delivery app development to bring ease and accessibility.

Increasing Demand of Grocery App Development during COVID-19

Due to the lockdown in many countries, local shops, malls, and supermarkets remain closed, and the people are deprived of purchasing groceries and other daily essentials. In these tough times, online grocery shopping has become popular. People are looking for options for grocery delivery online.

The number of people infected by Coronavirus remains unknown. People are scared to walk into a local grocery store to buy the daily essentials and it may be too risky to take that chance. Hence, ordering groceries online can be a good idea. People can also call the local stores and place orders over the phone.

There has been a sudden shortage of various grocery items and household supplies. With the increase in demand, most local stores may not have enough stock. More and more people are stocking up the items to survive the crisis. In such cases, consumers prefer to buy items from online stores where the products are easily available.

Studies conclude that coronavirus can live on surfaces for about 3 hours to a few days depending on the material. The items that consumers purchase online may take several days to be delivered. The shipping conditions may not be favorable for the virus to survive. Hence, there is a very low risk of the virus spreading so easily. It is safer to order groceries online from websites or mobile apps as most of them offer no contact deliveries. The deliveries would be left outside your home which means you will not come in contact with the delivery executive. The chances of the virus being spread by the delivery person are minimized. Such deliveries are safe for employees as well as the customers.

A user-friendly grocery app can help people order groceries online at their convenience and with ease of access. One of the major challenges faced by grocery delivery websites and apps is to deliver the orders in a timely manner. As fruits, vegetables, and dairy products expire soon, it is essential to deliver groceries fresh. People who do not have time to go to local stores prefer to purchase groceries online.

Rise of Online Grocery Apps during Covid-19

There are several reasons behind the rise of an on-demand grocery solution during these trying times. With the increasing demand to order groceries and daily essentials online, building a grocery delivery app can help businesses grow.

Ensuring Safety

Many people are locked in their houses due to the rapidly spreading virus. Most people do not prefer to go to the local markets and would much rather use online grocery mobile apps. They can order the essential food supplies by avoiding the risk of contamination. When people reduce the possibility of coming in direct contact with others, they can stay safe. Most of the online delivery agencies equip their employees with gloves, facial masks, and sanitizers to ensure the safety of the staff as well as the customers. They also check the temperature of the employees on a daily basis.


No contact Deliveries

Almost all the grocery delivery apps offer no contact deliveries, which means that there will be no direct contact between delivery executives and customers. Mobile apps provide an option of online payments to the customers so that the delivery guys can keep the items outside the customers’ homes. No contact deliveries reduce the risk of possible infections.

How to plan the best Grocery Delivery Apps?

  1. Conduct Market Research and competitive analysis

To start your on-demand business or make your online grocery business grow, try to understand the market thoroughly. Once you have a clear idea about your target users and their pain points, you can make the right decision. An extensive market and competition research can help you make your online app stand out.

  1. Invest in MVP Development

You can think of investing in a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to make a successful entry into the app of on-demand grocery market. This will help you test the waters without making a huge investment. Talk to the mobile app developers and get the best suggestions for MVP.

  1. Plan business and revenue model

The main idea behind investing in an on-demand grocery app is to make money. Explore different business models and find the right revenue model that helps you make huge profits.

  1. Hire the best mobile app development company

You need to hire the most experienced mobile app development company to build a grocery app. Get quotes from a few agencies and compare them before making the decision. Discuss your requirements with the top mobile app development agencies and ensure that they can help you meet your business objectives.

  1. Choose the best features and tech stack

Before you build your on-demand grocery app, you should study a few leading apps in the market. Think of unique features that your app can have and talk to the mobile app developers for selecting the right technology stack for building your app.

  1. Don’t forget app promotion

With a lot of grocery apps in the market, you need the best marketing strategies to promote your app and gain profits. Hire the best app marketing team to help you achieve the best results.

Final Words

eCommerce grocery businesses should try to help people cope with Covid-19 by building an online on-demand grocery app. Developing a grocery delivery app will make your business reach new heights. Talk to our experts and discuss your mobile app development requirements.


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