Increase Business Productivity and ROI With Android Application Development


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Increase Business Productivity and ROI With Android Application Development

Android Application Development

Android is an Operating System (OS) developed by the company Android Inc. way back in 2003. Search engine giant Google acquired Android in 2005. Android OS was primarily developed for smartphones and pocket PCs to let the users access the internet, listen to music, watch movies, play games, and enjoy other value-added services while on the move. A growing number of businesses these days are focusing on Android application development with the goal of increased business productivity and initial return on investment. They are hiring the best of Android application developers to work for them.

Android applications for business help to establish better connection with the existing and potential customers through regular updates of products and services news on social media and extensive email marketing along with expense tracking and so on. The major benefit of using Android operating system is that it is open-source; hence the source codes are easily accessible by professionals to edit or see how the system works. Developers can constantly keep on updating Android applications to gain an edge over the competitors and ensure the Android platform is safe from hackers.

Extremely Affordable

Android OS can be used by millions of businesses without paying licensing charges or royalty fees. Lots of new, innovative Android application development and mobile games can be created using the Android open-source platform that can finally lead to increased business growth in real-time. Moreover, professionals can easily construct SDK without investing on additional manpower or infrastructure. Programs can also be changed free of cost as per the client demands thus making Android OS the most cost-effective interface till date. Businesses thus can make enormous profit selling different applications developed using the Android platform.

Offers Advanced Integration

Imagine a situation where an organization has to merge multiple programs, in such cases Android application development is ideally the best. Businesses can easily merge and manage multiple simple to highly complex programs exploring the platform.

Multiple Distribution Mechanisms

Unlike other mobile platforms including Symbian or BlackBerry, Android-based applications can be distributed in multiple ways. For example, businesses can use the Google Android market to distribute and promote their applications. Besides, organizations have complete freedom to develop their own distribution channels and create new application stores, etc. Thus with the help of Android developers, businesses can not only create different applications but can also generate a wide range of distribution platforms to reach the potential customers on a global scale.

There are many popular Android applications for business such as “Documents to Go” which lets a user view and edit MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint presentations on their smartphones while moving from one place to another and “Dropbox” that allows a person to transfer files and documents from a computer to a mobile phone, 24/7 to any location on earth. Dropbox has a large memory (2GB) to drop and store lots of files when required.

The easily modifiable nature of Android applications for business has made it ideal for usage on laptops, Google TV, netbooks, and many more such similar electronic gadgets over time. Additionally, high portability and low cost has made Android OS a big hit in the business world.

Zealous System is the renowned web and mobile development company that specializes in cost-effective, practical and aesthetic Android application development services. We have an excellent team of Android app developers who are blessed with excellent creativity and sharp technical knowledge.

Article Source: EzineArticles

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