IPhone App Development With PHP and MySQL


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IPhone App Development With PHP and MySQL

IPhone App Development with PHP and MySQL


In order to run PHP commands in a Web file, the server where the files are located needs access to the PHP application. If you own your own website and use a Web hosting service, you probably already have access to a PHP Application Server and SQL. If you want to test your PHP files on your own computer, you will need to install PHP on your computer, or on a computer on your network. In order to install PHP on a Windows computer, you will first need to install Microsoft Internet Information Services. On Windows 7, Internet Information Services is found in the Windows Features section of the Programs Control Panel. PHP can be downloaded for free from PHP.net


SQL is integral to running PHP, as this is the database where information is stored and retrieved. For example, if someone types information in a form, this information is stored in the SQL database. If your Web host offers PHP, you already have access to SQL. Your Web host will provide instructions on how to create a database for your website. To test your app locally, you can download a free version of MySQL from mysql.com.

iPhone Code

Once you have created a basic PHP application that performs as you want it to, you should review the requirements for Apple iOS devices. Because the iPhone does not have a mouse, mouse events should be replaced with touch events, such as “touchstart” and “touchmove.” A Web app is also able to take advantage of tools and features built into the iPhone such as buttons, spell-check, and menus. Explanations, samples and tutorials for accessing iOS features within an app are available online at Apple’s Safari Dev Center. If you use sample codes from other websites, you should verify that the code still works with the current version of iOS by testing it on an iPhone.

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