Successful Products with QA Automation

Enterprises often struggle to manage the quality of their web applications. Lack of proper testing results in a bad quality product, dissatisfied users, or increased costs. Using automation testing along with manual testing improves the effectiveness of the testing process. Our QA automated testing process improves the brand image, ensures higher customer retention, and generates higher revenues.

Why choose QA Automation Testing?

  • Faster feedback
  • Saves time
  • Early bug detection
  • Increased ROI
  • Reusability of scripts
  • Accelerated results

What we do?

We offer a comprehensive range of QA automation testing services to increase the velocity and help you achieve your goals throughout the software development lifecycle. With the current Agile software development trends, Quality Assurance automation testing eliminates the risk of errors and delivers flawless software. We have experienced and skilled QA automation engineers who can improve the quality of the end-product.

Leverage our QA Automation Testing services to gain advantages

Faster Time to Market

QA Automation testers speed up the delivery process and allows businesses to launch the product faster.

Minimized Human Error

The QA automation process eliminates the risk of human errors and fixes the errors before release.

Reduced Costs

Automated tests can be run multiple times without paying for the manual tests over and over again.

What makes us the best choice for QA Automation Testing services?

Sigma Solve Inc. specializes in QA automation testing services to ensure speed to market and superior quality. Our automation testing services ensure better resource utilization, multi-platform testing, reduced regression cost, consistency, and quality of the products to provide a smooth user experience.

Key Offerings

  • QA test automation assessment
  • Mobile and web app testing
  • Product and software test automation
  • QA consulting services
  • QA automation Selenium
  • Cloud based automation testing

Case Study


e-Builder is a cloud-based construction Program Management solution that provides reliable insights across throughout the entire project life cycle. The E-Builder team had been looking to increase for increasing its product quality through continuous quality measurement. Sigma Solve team built a QA test automation framework that covered addressed all the testing requirements and resolved all the defects to deliver optimum performance of the software. We built automated tests and implemented test automation culture to increase product quality and reduce the maintenance costs.


Built a QA test automation framework for covering all the testing requirements Implemented 2000 test cases to enhance the product quality

  • Programming Language: JavaScript (TypeScript)
  • Browser manipulation: Selenium WebDriver / Protractor
  • Parallelisation: Selenoid (Chrome, FF) / Selenium standalone(IE)
  • Test Runner: Mocha
  • Builder: ts-node
  • Assertion: Chai
  • Reporting: Allure report, CI plugin allure report
  • IDE: VS Code
  • VCS: GIT (Bitbacket)
  • CI/CD: Jenkins
Key Features
  • Discovery & Planning
  • Implementation & Testing
  • Building CI & Support

QA Consulting Services

Our QA automation engineers are known for offering exceptional QA consulting services to speed up the testing services and maintain the highest product quality. Our QA consulting experts can help you achieve reap the numerous maximum value benefits from of QA automation testing services. They would can also plan the best QA automation strategy using the latest testing tools and technologies.

Increase Productivity and Release by 10 times

We adopt a user-centric testing approach and provide extensive reporting at regular intervals. Using QA automation testing services, we resolve the issues before the software reaches production. Our main aim is to use automation technology to improve the accuracy and productivity of the products. Being a leading Quality assurance outsourcing provider, we implement robust testing solutions to strategically design test processes, set up automated test scripts, and run Selenium and mobile app automated test scripts to ensure effectiveness of the whole process.

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