A very revolutionary future introduced by :Google "Google Glass"


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Really a very revolutionary future introduced by :google “Google Glass”

google glass revolutionary technology

Google has given the first detail glimpse at how its ‘Project Glass’ wearable computer actually works.

The Android-based digital glasses allow wearers to view information like weather updates, email and text messages, take photographs and follow directions.

Simplicity is the key to the OS. Say ‘picture’ and it takes a picture, say ‘record’ and it takes a video. It will also be integrated with Google Now, and able to send you useful information based on your location without you asking for it.

Google hasn’t yet said when or from where its Glasses will be available, but judging from this clip there won’t be a shortage of demand.

Project Glass will come in five colours – black, gray, blue, red or white and have removable shades.

Google also detailed how the first people to get a hold of the product.

Potential ‘Explorer’ early-adopters will have to apply in 50 words or less, including a short video (15 seconds max) and five photographs, to explain what they would do with the early version of Glass.

Now Google glass can take place of your cell…..

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