Product Development Support & Maintenance Services

Sigma Solve, Inc. provides managed Cloud for Azure, offering the scalability and power of Azure cloud platform with our robust support and managed services. Sigma will get your Azure environments set up quickly, offering a highly secure environment with less overhead and additional planning capabilities.

If you’re considering migrating to Microsoft Azure, Sigma Solve, Inc. is your go-to partner. We will work with you as a managed service provider directly facilitating Azure workloads. Sigma unifies the management of applications across Azure, Microsoft private cloud and Hybrid environments.

Sigma Solve, Inc. can guide you through the onboarding of an Azure ecosystem assuring your Azure cloud infrastructure meets the current and future needs of your organization and providing ongoing optimization, monitoring, governance, security, orchestration, and support. Oue experts bring unique experience in the management of public, private and hybrid IT cloud environments, empowering you to customize a solution that is perfect for your organization.

Sigma Solve, Inc. Managed Cloud for Azure is Ideal for

  • Applications for the cloud
  • Azure cloud migrations
  • Projects
  • Development and test environments
  • Data backup and data storage
  • Business applications
  • Digital transformation and websites
  • Datacenter migrations
  • Content delivery and digital marketing
  • Disaster recovery (DR) and high-availability (HA) architecture
  • Application migration, including re-factoring, rehosting and re-platforming

Azure Management for the entire Plan/Build/Run Cycle

When you’re ready to launch on Azure, Sigma Solve, Inc.’s team of experienced engineers will work with you to develop and implement a custom plan that accounts for your workflow and business requirements. For existing Azure deployments, we can also lead the optimization of your application, compute data or network services, and factor in the optimization of cost, billing, governance, personnel, and security.
  • Application analysis and prioritization for Azure deployments
  • Solution design and future state architecture including hybrid configurations
  • Migration strategy and execution plan
  • Automated deployment of multi-region scalable Azure environments
  • Deploy security controls and establish governance model
  • Testing and performance optimization
  • On-going performance monitoring and cost optimization
  • Customer defined escalation action plan
  • Decommissioning of legacy environments

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