Shopify, The Leading E-Commerce Platform, Might Not Be The Safest: Explore Shopify Competitors

Shopify is the most widely used eCommerce platform. Almost 1.7 million companies use it to sell their items online. The top eCommerce platform, however, might not be the best choice for your company.

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    Here are some grounds why you might explore Shopify alternatives:

    Even though Shopify has dominated the online industry, creating a platform that is attractive and catered to the general public will always have shortcomings. Here are some of the reasons why the number one eCommerce platform is not the right one for you:


    It is expensive.

    If you want to utilize an external payment gateway instead of the Shopify Payment system, there are additional fees of 1%, 2%, and 0.5 percent that you must pay. This cost may be prohibitively expensive for your small firm.


    Extra features = extra costs

    For some advanced features, you must upgrade to Shopify+ and purchase their pricy add-ons and plugins. Shopify does not offer all the functions.


    It's not freely available

    Since Shopify is a hosted platform, access to its source code is not available. What does that imply then? For starters, it means you won’t be able to tailor the coding and design of your store to your own requirements. In other terms, it is exclusive if only the original authors are granted legal ownership over the software. Furthermore, as it’s a hosted platform, you are unable to look at or modify its code.


    Too much reliance on third-party app

    The Shopify App Store has a ton of third-party add-ons. But eventually, adding too many add-ons to your website does more harm than good. They may slow down the pace of your website or raise your chance of a security breach.

    Sigma Solve: Your partner for the move.

    We got you covered. Sigma Solve is the right partner for your eCommerce move. Here are some of the Shopify alternatives and why it is the right one for you:

    nopCommerce vs Shopify

    Exceed your business goals with a robust, fast, user-friendly, and affordable eCommerce solution with nopCommerce. Sigma Solve provides the best nopCommerce development solutions.

    NopCommerce supports business growth with unparalleled functionality. It is a favorite among developers and company owners since it offers user-friendly, feature-rich storefronts and open-source software that enables a great degree of customization.

    As a proud nopCommerce Gold partner, Sigma Solve will ensure that your site is fast, intuitive, and reliable. Our engineers will help you design (or customize) a robust, feature-rich solution that helps you achieve your business goals.

    We create websites that are effective, appealing, and SEO-friendly. Customers will adore your website, and rival businesses will be envious.

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    NicklPay vs Shopify

    NicklpayTM provides comprehensive solutions for inventory management as well as safe, frictionless payments. It provides a solution for all of your channels, including physical stores, the internet, wholesalers, retail stores, outlandish pop-up stores, and virtual enterprises. A variety of functions are offered by NicklpayTM and are customized to meet your specific needs.

    As a pioneering service provider of NicklPay, Sigma Solve can help your business increase its revenue by integrating your ERP, Point-of-sale, and eCommerce into one dynamic and flexible platform with the help of Nicklpay. By working with Sigma, you are choosing a name you can trust to deliver value.

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    Sigma Solve created a world-class user interface and experience using nopCommerce custom design and navigation to customize the rent product functionality as per the location, easily understand customer’s requirements, and deliver and pick up location with date and time, product delivery management, etc.


    Sigma Solve designed an app that enables users to order meals and manage their accounts directly to avoid meal prep altogether. One can enjoy delectable, calorie-controlled meals prepared by 5-star gourmet chefs delivered right to their doors every week.

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