Some Excellent C Sharp Development Tools!


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Some Excellent C Sharp Development Tools!

C Sharp Development Tools

Csharp development has gained momentum in the recent times owing to the excellent repository of tools this object-oriented programming language possesses. Let’s find out more about these C sharp development tools, which help in building interactive web applications.

C# development is in great practice today. As a result, there has been an upsurge in the demand for C# developers in the recent past. This object-oriented programming language has emerged as a popular choice for formulating some “out-of-the-box” web/desktop applications or web services.

An apt development environment is offered to the developers by C#. C# developers get equipped with some excellent tools that make the coding process simple and formulate a whole array of robust and scalable applications.

Let us have a look at some of the excellent C# development tools. First we shall talk about some C# build tools. FinalBuilder, a release management integrated solution, helps in automatic software builds on the Windows platform. MSBuild, a build platform for Microsoft, is an excellent tool that can be conveniently used in combination with Visual Studio, and availed at no cost. Visual Build Professional is a great C# development tool that helps developers in the creation of automatic and recurrent build process. It entails a neat GUI for easy project management.

Now, let’s focus on some excellent C# compilers and frameworks. ANTLR, a fine tool for language recognition, encompasses a good grammar development environment and supports code generation in varied programming languages like Python, C# and Java. Another tool called Coco/R is a popular choice. It is indeed a compiler generator that picks up recognized language of source grammar to create a scanner and parser for that specific language. Silverlight, a rich application framework, helps in documenting and running feature-rich Internet applications.

Next come some Collaboration tools. Ultra Apps, a free bug-tracking application, has its source code in ASP.NET, PHP, C# etc. This tool can be used for issue tracking, event management, response history etc. Visual Studio Team System, a consolidated ALM solution for enabling the team members in honing their skills and deliver high performance.

Now let us talk about C# deployment tools. Windows Installer XML (WiX) is a toolkit that helps the user to use XML source code and generate Windows installation packages. It also maintains a command-line environment that helps C# developers create MSI & MSM packages.

We shall be highlighting you more on many more C# development tools in the forthcoming posts.

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