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Discount Party Supplies is an online party supplier for over 13 years.

Discount Party Supply

About Discount Party Supplies

Discount Party Supplies is an Australian, family-owned business with over 50 dedicated team members who are passionate about preparing everything you need for any event. Discount Party Supplies has been delivering boxes of party supplies for over 13 years.
From sourcing unique products around the world to pack every box full of happiness, the business’ mission is to make your party special!


Discount Party Supplies had challenges with high traffic users, system stability, and dependability with its interfaces with its CRM, ERP, and shipping suppliers. Handling bundled items and the development of run-time product groupings for ordering was a major problem for Discount Party Supplies.

Sigma Solve Approach

Sigma Solve researched and planned the migration of Discount Party Supplies from BigCommerce to Magento 2, including modifications. Cart2cart and scripts for data cleanup were used to migrate data from Bigcommerce to Magento 2. Orders, customers, and items are all integrated with CRM and ERP.

Customized shipping plugins, as well as checkout process customization based on customer needs, the option to combine goods in an order with a discount procedure based on a custom algorithm, were added. As requested by the client, we retained the same web appearance and feels along with the modifications. Magento 2 has a product structure that may be customized. To reduce spam and bot users, we set the site to load after the captcha.

About Discount Party Supplies


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