Guardion Health Sciences

Guardian Health Sciences, Inc. is a specialist health sciences firm that creates ocular health medical foods and medical devices, as well as nutraceutical products that it thinks provide consumers with supportive health advantages.

Guardion Health Science Client

About Guardion Health Sciences

Guardion Health Sciences, Inc. is a specialty health sciences company that develops medical foods and medical devices in the ocular health space and develops nutraceutical products in San Diego. The company required checkout functionalities and features on the website for order tracking and delivery as per the users’ personal preferences.

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The Challenge

Guardion Health Sciences required checkout functionalities and features on the website for order tracking and delivery as per the users’ personal preferences.

The client had to add customers and manage payments and invoices in their system manually, which became tedious. They wanted to automate such manual tasks to free up their workforce and sync orders in the eCommerce system with Quickbooks.

Sigma Solve Approach

Sigma Solve developed a flexible, scalable solution to address the growing needs of the client’s business.

Guardion Health required integration between nopCommerce and Quickbooks. The main tasks were:

We built a Quickbooks Web Connector using Quickbooks API, an online tool to manage the connection to Quickbooks Desktop and configuration of rule-based sequence that synced both systems together in addition to syncing the products, orders, and customer information into QuickBooks. The Web Connector was set up in the Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise version that has 1-way sync from the eCommerce system to Quickbooks. Scheduled tasks can obtain the information about the orders from the eCommerce system and sync the data using the Quickbooks API.

Custom nopCommerce Features

Sigma Solve utilized the full potential of nopCommerce being open source. Open-source software enables web developers to build and share their custom features to get the desired output or tweak the existing ones themselves which support the client’s business needs.

Subscription Orders

The functionality allows the customers to buy orders in subscription-based and after 28 days we are running one service from there we are charging customers automatically after X interval of days.

Plugin for Quickbook: Created a customized plugin for Quickbooks to connect nopCommerce with QB Desktop 20 version.

Payment Plugin: As per the requirement, customized payment plugin. The plugin allows the users to store their payment details on the website and at the time of checkout display the details in the form of a dropdown list for users to view and make the payment.

ShipStation Integration

The integration of nopCommerce with ShipStation. Once an order is placed in nopCommerce it’s syncing those orders to ShipStation and once the order is shipped (partially or fully) based on that the order status in nopCommerce is saved.

Zoho Support Management

The application is integrated with the Zoho management system. The ticket is created and updated in Zoho to show it to customers.

DAC and customer mapping were created and are used during the checkout process. The doctor or rep code that must be entered at the time of checkout is DAC.

To build more targeted communications with customers, we integrated nopCommerce with’s sales and marketing modules.


Technology Used

Microsoft VB.Net
Microsoft SQL Server

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