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Iron Tribe Fitness is one of the fastest-growing training franchises in the country.

Iron Tribe

About The Iron Tribe

Iron Tribe Fitness is one of the fastest-growing training franchises in the country. With multiple locations throughout the U.S. Iron Tribe inspires members to reach their full potential by offering optimized small group training programs. This dedication to excellence is mirrored by the company’s relentless efforts to provide its clients with the tools they need to succeed.


To best meet the needs of its growing clientele, the Iron Tribe organization required the creation of both web and mobile apps for managing classes, member profiles, and the daily activities of its members.

The main goals Iron Tribe hoped to achieve with both web and mobile apps were to capture user, member, and lead data for business analysis. To do so, they wanted to create an optimized user experience with superior UI and functionalities that kept individuals engaged with the app coming back again and again to log information.

The web app would be used by company managers and coaches to keep track of daily workouts, class types, class schedules, in addition to member and employee profiles used to save performance information.

Meanwhile, the mobile app is for the members. The mobile app allows them to book or cancel classes, view the scores of classes they have attended, and compare their scores to those of other Iron Tribe members. Iron Tribe needed the mobile app to be available in both Android and iOS systems.

Sigma Solve Approach

In order to best accommodate Iron Tribe’s requirements for both apps, web services capable of syncing with ClubReady, a club management provider which stores all the information related to class types, class schedules, members, and managers, was required.

In addition, this data needed to be synced without putting too much pressure on the server, a critical point that could cause major issues if not implemented correctly.

Achieving the high level of functionality Iron Tribe sought for both apps required careful planning on the part of Sigma Solve Inc. For backend development, we utilized .Net Framework and MVC, as well as Web API; SQL Server was employed for the database.

To minimize the server load, Sigma Solve used an ADO.Net connection, allowing data to be inserted and updated via a stored procedure. Sigma also created a console application for each service which is scheduled to run on specific timings in Task Scheduler. This ensures a level of automation that helps avoid any missed or dropped events. In general, stored procedures are being used throughout the system design to retrieve information from the database faster, as well as to optimize and improve page speed rates overall.

Iron Tribe


Technology Used

SQL Server

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