Stubby’s is home to the best barbeque in Hot Springs, Arkansas.


About The Stubby’s

Founded in 1952, Stubby’s is home to the best barbeque in Hot Springs, Arkansas. With a devoted following that extends not just locally but nationally, the restaurant’s delectable ribs, pork, beef, and chicken dishes have been featured in notable food and travel publications as an essential part of the Southern culinary tradition. Stubby’s is also renowned throughout the region for the wide variety of catering options they offer, serving functions that include weddings, parties, and corporate events of all sizes.


As with many restaurants, Stubby’s wanted to expand its reach beyond brick-and-mortar physical locations by developing an application to allow customers to place and track takeout orders. As services like Postmates and Grubhub continue to grow in popularity, it became imperative that Stubby’s remain relevant by offering their own digital ordering options.

An online payment system was an essential part of making this happen. Additionally, one must-have aspect of the application was the ability for users to have the same level of sides and add-on customization they enjoy when eating at the restaurant. The client also wanted to make it easier to alert users of special offers and promo codes, while also enabling functionality that informs them of when their order is ready. And finally, the restaurant’s popular catering offerings needed to be represented on the mobile application.

Sigma Solve Approach

Stubby’s App Screen


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