TraLaMa is a platform for tradesmen and employers to connect online. Tradespeople can simply go online and locate work, from a one-day job to full-time employment, and companies can quickly find skilled labor.


About TraLaMa

TraLaMa is focusing on the importance of the trade labor economy. Their online marketplace connects both trade laborers with potential employers and companies in the construction trade with skilled laborers — making it the first online platform catering to the critical and thriving trade market.

Some of TraLaMa’s top members include Buckeye Window Treatments, Deluxe Door Systems, Greenscapes, and more.


TraLaMa needs to create an app with businesses in the area looking for full-time or part-time employment, and short-term jobs.

The major problem facing many trade industries — especially the construction trade — is finding trained workers. Jobs are taking longer to complete, and prices for trade work are skyrocketing as businesses cannot hire substantial help. Over 50% of tradespeople say the lack of available labor is stunting their growth, and 68% say they could grow their business if they could find public workers. Additionally, trade workers often find it challenging to find jobs that fit within their schedule, such as short-term labor between more extensive jobs.

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Supporting Businesses And Workers

TraLaMa’s platform is an economic powerhouse as it supports both independent contractors and larger businesses. Tradespeople can find jobs to fill open days between scheduled jobs or those that suddenly open up when jobs are postponed or canceled at the last minute. This versatility allows workers to find the best fit for their schedules, whether that be full-time W2 employment with benefits or a part-time contract gig.

On the other hand, TraLaMa is incredibly beneficial for employers — helping fill in employment shortages for larger jobs or bring on full-time work. TraLaMa is ideal for meeting the constant highs and lows of the workload, by offering help for a day, week, or the entire duration of a project.


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