“I like to take the “do-it-yourself” approach as often as possible, mostly because it’s difficult to trust that someone else will do the job right and pay attention to the details.But when it came to creating functionality beyond the ability of our e-commerce site, I knew this was completely over my head. I knew exactly what I wanted, but had no idea how to make it happen. Enter Biren Zaverchand with Sigma Solve It was a daunting task just to put into an email all the detailed specifications of what our site needed. I can only imagine Biren’s task was 100x more daunting! But after a few back & forth messages to clarify some details, he provided a very fair price quote. We gave him the green light. When things started coming together, I was very impressed with what I saw. But there were many issues that this new functionality created, and Biren systematically resolved each of them. I figured he must be weary of all the “little things” that had to be addressed along the way, but he never complained and did every single thing we asked. After he completed all this work, we were delighted. However, our e-commerce provider suggested we switch to a responsive design so our site would be easier to view on mobile devices. With this new customization now on our site, this was easier said than done, unless you’re Biren Zaverchand with Sigma Solve. After approving another reasonable price quote, he began the arduous task of implementing his customization into the new design.Of course, there were more “little things” to resolve, and each were taken care of.Absolute 1000% satisfaction would be how I would rate my experience with Biren. Thank you for turning what was impossible for me into a reality that will help my business tremendously.”