Our rich experience in mobility, custom software development, enterprise application, software integration and data migration serves our clients in USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. This decade of service has poised Sigma Solve as a partner for integration. Our technical experience combined with our highly experienced HCM functional consultant capacities, helps us to deliver value-added solutions for clients in cloud based enterprise applications such as Workday. We pride ourselves on managing all projects with the objective of being a business partner to our clients. This comes from a firm understanding of their business allowing us to propose solutions that improve efficiency, optimize ROI and reduce time-to-go-live. We leverage our technology and functional expertise to benefit our clients, keep things as simple and swift as possible, and help to maximize the returns and potentials of enterprise applications such as Workday, SalesForce, and Success Factor.

Sigma Solve has built several cloud based integration platforms that connect multiple systems, allowing for the fundamental flow necessary to integrate the platform to read data from multiple sources, transform the data, and push it into the receiving system.

Integration Systems That We Have Built Are

  • Sigma Solve developed a data integration system for Logistics, allowing them to receive data from manufacturers and export customer orders in near real-time. Our integration platform receives several flat files each containing a large amount of data related to hospitals, physicians, etc. The data is then imported into an SQL Server using multiple SSIS packages to ensure a reasonable execution time. This integration system has a web-based management platform that uses MVC 2 and MVC Contrib. The web-based interface offers insight into the batches of files as they are imported and exported and manages schedules for import/export according to the schema patterns for the imported/exported files.
  • Sigma Solve developed a data integration platform for a client in the flooring Industry. The platform connects manufacturer’s data feeds to retailers and provides a SaaS model that manages data and provides hosting capabilities for several hundred retailers. In the flooring industry, each flooring retailer sells products from multiple manufacturers and each manufacturer maintains its data in a proprietary format. Our integration platform reads data from these multiple manufacturers in various file formats (XML, Flat File, EDI docs (832, 810, 856), JSON) then pairs it to the retailer who is authorized to sell these products. The system then consolidates/transforms all this data to go into a central data-warehouse that powers the retailers e-Commerce site. When an order is placed on the retailers site, the order information and the product inventory are sent back to the manufacturer. Each manufacturer accepts data in a different format, so the integration platform reads the orders/inventory data from the central data-warehouse, transforms it based on the rules provided by the manufacturer and pushes it to the manufacturer in real-time.

Our Enterprise Application Services with Focus on Cloud Based Applications Such as Workday

  • Data Migration Services
  • Integration
  • Customization
  • Consulting – technical, HCM-functional

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