Blockchain Development Services

The aim of technology is to improve the way we do things.


This includes increasing the efficiency, transparency, immutability and security of processes. This is why the past decade has seen such a surge in the use of blockchain, which promises to deliver just that.

A blockchain is a distributed database shared among the nodes of a computer network. Information is verified and stored in a digital format, and cannot be changed without altering the whole network. As such, it guarantees the security and fidelity of data, generating trust without the need for a third party.

Blockchain Development

About Blockchain Development Services

Blockchains gained popularity for their application in cryptocurrency systems but have recently seen a surge of applications in various industries. Enterprises are now utilizing the advantages of blockchain to streamline their business processes and improve security and transparency.

At Sigma Solve, we are at the forefront of this revolution. Our team of blockchain experts has aided businesses across all sectors to adopt this new technology that will help improve the efficiency of their operations. You do not want to be left out when everybody else has moved to the next technological leap.

Our Enterprise Blockchain Development Services

Below are some of the services we offer our clients:


We offer cryptocurrency exchange services where customers can buy, sell, or exchange different currencies. Our specialists have years of experience developing safe and user-friendly solutions with multiple payment methods for a smooth trading experience.



A cryptocurrency wallet is what you use to store your crypto assets. With crypto adoption growing big each year, more people are acquiring cryptocurrency wallets. We are the industry-leading developers of crypto wallets, with great features such as private key generation, wallet address generation, mnemonic phrase generation, etc.

Smart Contracts Development

A smart contract is a virtual contract that contains a set of self-executing tasks. Since it is encoded in blockchain, there is no way any of the parties can alter or interfere with it, making it safe and trustworthy. We develop smart contracts that can be used in financial transactions, legal agreements, real estate, crowdfunding, etc.

Smart Contracts Audit

As reliable as smart contracts are in facilitating transparency, decentralization, and automation, they still come with some risks. We offer smart contracts audit services to secure them and eliminate risks such as data loss, theft, and other breaches.


Private Blockchains

Most organizations suffer from data theft, forged records, and the manipulation of orders. Private blockchains are developed and used within an organization to prevent such instances. We at Sigma Solve are among the biggest developers of private blockchain and have assisted businesses in building, customizing, tracking, and verifying their blockchains.

Supply Chain Blockchain

Blockchain is a tool that promises to eliminate the problem of lack of transparency and accountability, which are the main issues facing the supply chain. Our experts will help you create a transparent supply chain process with a trustworthy system for storing and disseminating data.


Ethereum is an open software platform that facilitates the development of various applications. Since it utilizes blockchain technology, these apps are free from fraud and run without downtime. At Sigma Solve, we can help you develop such apps to enjoy the full benefit of blockchains.


A Hyperledger is a blockchain reference framework that allows enterprise customers to incorporate blockchain and distributed ledger systems into their operations. We help businesses set up enterprise-grade blockchain deployment through Hyperledger platforms and other development tools.



Sigma Solve can help you get all your projects launched on the blockchain. Our developers are experienced in helping businesses develop smart contracts using Solidity, auditing the smart contracts, and helping with cryptocurrency exchange systems.

Why Should You Hire Sigma Solve for Enterprise Blockchain Development Services?

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Here is why we are trusted by thousands of businesses to be their Enterprise Blockchain Development partners:

Enterprise Blockchain Development Solutions for Prominent Industries

Below are some possible applications of blockchain to various industries:

Supply Chain Management

Blockchain can help in recording and tracking all assets throughout their journey on the supply chain. As such, it will improve the supply chain by facilitating faster and more cost-efficient product delivery, improving coordination between business partners, enhancing the traceability of products, and making it easier to access financing.

Financial Services

Blockchain can make the financial services industry less susceptible to fraud, more transparent, and cheaper for customers. Since all user activities will be on a public ledger, it will be easier to spot corrupt activities, especially where public funds are concerned.


In healthcare, the applications of blockchain include the protection of healthcare data, management of electronic medical record (EMR) data, point-of-care genomics management, management of personal health record data, and the management of electronic health records data.


In the energy sector, blockchain can help by facilitating peer-to-peer trading of electricity, allowing people to sell excess renewable energy to others via automated contracts. It can also be used in grid management, where renewable generators can be connected to local energy assets for a real-time distribution level marketplace.


Blockchain can aid the education sector by allowing the decentralization of student data to make it more accessible to the student and possible employers. In doing so, it will create more trust between job seekers and their employers, as people will not be able to alter their certifications and credentials.


In governments, blockchain has the potential to streamline processes, protect data, reduce fraud, abuse and waste, and also increase accountability and trust. It can achieve this by facilitating the secure storage of citizen, business, and government data, reducing labor-intensive processes, and lowering abuse and corruption.

Blockchain is, without a doubt, the next big revolution. To reap its full benefits, it is better to be among the first people to invest in it. Put your enterprise ahead of your competitors by investing in the latest blockchain technologies.

By partnering with a capable and trusted blockchain service provider like Sigma Solve, you will be placing yourself in the best position to enjoy all the advantages of the distributed ledger format while avoiding its pitfalls.

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