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Optimize, Automate, And Transform Your Logistics Management

At Sigma Solve, we help your logistics brokerage break free from tech constraints and skyrocket their logistics brokerage sales with Sigma Solve, Inc. We put logistics businesses in the driver’s seat of their technology and take charge of their digital future to steer straight to success and dominate the competition.


With no monthly subscription fees and tailored features, we ensure logistics brokers pay for what they get and own their CRM solution. Sigma Solve is your growth partner for scalability, adaptability, and efficiency.

The Sigma Solve Differentiators


Our logistics CRM is designed to sync with third-party load boards and logistics brokers’ existing TMS through webhooks and APIs to facilitate seamless order posting and collect accurate data points.


Each feature of our logistics CRM is tailored to the specific requirements of the brokers in the logistics business to streamline workflows efficiently and further their market expansion and growth.


We empower logistics businesses with a business model, workflow, and features that do not exist in the market. Our CRM is fully tailored to a freight brokerage, giving them an edge over competitors.


Sigma Solve ensures that brokers in the logistics business completely own the CRM and data to ensure that data storage or user increases do not accelerate the operations and maintenance costs.

Transform how your brokerage grows sales.

We at Sigma Solve realized that the logistics industry strives hard to have an ecosystem that is feature-rich and future-oriented. Sigma Solve has built a technologically robust logistics solution that resolves lead-to-delivery challenges for logistics brokers. Ours is an augmented, optimized, and scalable transport management system for complete control and security to boost sales and revenue.


Automatically distribute leads among salespersons and rotate among them when they are occupied with other leads and follow-ups. Our CRM ensures you immediately communicate with shippers automatically through email or SMS upon their leads.


Our CRM allows instant communication between the broker and shipper, facilitates template-based quote submission and query follow-ups, and keeps a complete trace of conversation between the salesperson and the shipper for swift conversion.


Enhance operational efficiency by seamlessly connecting shippers with carriers or drivers through integrated load boards. Also, connect with other platforms such as phone providers and telematics, streamlining two-way communication and data flow.


The system generates orders based on the imported data, ensuring efficient order creation without manual data entry. Track each order on a load board or with a carrier under a centralized framework to dispatch on time and keep real-time tracking.

User Management

Store shippers’ and carriers’ details in one database to quickly facilitate order processing and driver selection. Avoid overlap and confusion with user management to ensure a comprehensive view of all accounts, preventing overlaying sales efforts.

Data Sync

We ensure seamless integration by synchronizing real-time sales, shipment, and revenue data between your Transportation Management System (TMS) and CRM. It ensures accurate and up-to-date information for informed decision-making.


Our CRM offers customizable reports, interactive dashboards, and data visualization tools to enable data-driven decision-making and strategic planning. Generate lead, order, and sales data to allow businesses to make precise business sense.


Gain immediate insights into crucial aspects of your brokerage with powerful analytics. Access answers to pressing questions and optimize your decision-making process within the competitive business environment.


Future-proof your logistics operations by easily expanding your capabilities by adding features and integrating new technologies as your brokerage evolves, ensuring flexibility and scalability in response to changing market demands.

Driver’s App

Track and monitor each load in real time, communicate with drivers, and provide real-time load visibility to shippers through the driver’s app. It allows GPS tracking and communication with the TMS, and the TMS can update the order within the system.

Online Payment

Sigma Solve effectively integrates QuickBooks into our logistics CRM to record transactions securely, issue invoices to shippers, and enable shippers to pay online without hassle. It helps manage finances effectively, improving the bottom line.

Supply Chain Complexities We Solve

In an industry historically resistant to change, Sigma Solve emerges as a catalyst, addressing the long-standing challenges faced by logistics businesses.

Missed Opportunities

Logistic businesses lose quite a few leads because of an inadequate and inefficient system that manages and distributes leads. The technologically advanced process was always anticipated to manage leads from multiple sources proficiently.

Disorderly Lead Distribution

Logistics enterprises lose a lot of business due to their inability to distribute leads promptly and to the right salesperson. An AI-powered automated lead distribution system can easily solve this problem and increase the number of deals.

Communication Gap

Usually, shippers are in a hurry to transport their loads. Not being able to communicate with them quickly results in a loss of business. Instead, an automated text or email can open the communication channel, and the lead can be closed quickly.

Delayed Quote Sharing

Having so many leads to handle is hectic. As a result, salespeople fail to provide pricing and other terms quickly. If logistics businesses have a platform that manages all leads and quickly forwards quotes, it increases their chances of closing more leads.

Chaotic Order Processing

Order management is chaotic in the logistics business. Orders to be pushed to the load board or the carrier are a time-bound decision. Inefficient order management is always detrimental to customers’ satisfaction and may result in losses.

Database Mismanagement

The logistics businesses mustn’t identify shippers or carriers every time there is a lead or an order. Each user should have their profile on the software to finalize the order and dispatch the load to avoid losing clients and business.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Logistics CRM Advantages

Increase efficiency by 70%

Our custom transport management system streamlines logistics processes from leads to dispatch to ensure that the workflow is fully optimized to increase efficiency by almost 20%.

Reduce Lead-to-Order time by 90%

Logistics businesses can convert the leads within 1 to 2 minutes. Our AI-powered automated lead distribution and customer communication systems reduce the conversion time by 90%.

Reduce Operational Cost by 30%

Our customized CRM improves conversions and productivity and reduces human efforts through automation. We do not charge any monthly fees. Resultantly, it reduces operational costs.

Realize ROI within 6 to 18 months

Increase conversions, reduce costs, pay no license fees, and increase efficiency—our CRM ensures smooth revenue inflow and an exceptional return on investment in 6 to 18 months.

Next-gen AI and ML Automation

Business process automation reduces human efforts, speeds up processes and reduces errors. AI empowers our CRM for optimum resource utilization to enhance ROI.

Enhance Customer Experiences

From lead management to carrier management, our CRM offers speed, automation, and built-in resources for smooth information flows from all ends to enhance the total experience.

On-time Dispatch and Delivery

A powerful order management system enables managing and tracking orders efficiently. Logistics businesses can quickly communicate with carriers and ensure timely dispatch and delivery.

Integrate, Customize, and Scale

Our CRM offers two-way integration—third-party applications into our CRM and our CRM into the existing trucking management system. It is fully customizable and future-proof.

Continuous Upgradation

Our CRM is an ongoing project. We continuously upgrade our CRM, add more functionalities, and automate more features. We pass on upgraded versions to our partners regularly to ensure continuity.

Customer Journey

At Sigma Solve, we distinctively and consciously focus on building relationships. The customer journey at Sigma Solve is conceptualized based on our core value of partnership. Our customer retention rate of 98% is a testament to our capabilities to generate more value for your investment.


From development to support, Sigma Solve dedicates a team of experts to you. Additionally, industry experts empower our technology teams to constantly improve our CRM for optimal utilization for brokers.


Experience the true potential of a partnership with Sigma Solve with our transport management system.


Nationwide Transport Services

One of the most renowned logistics players in US marketing, Nationwide Transport Services, was stuck in a status quo. The growing business became difficult after a point as their business processes were out of tune with time, and NTS was losing many opportunities because of that.


Sigma Solve initiated the technological partnership with NTS and delivered them with what they wanted – a custom logistics CRM. Our pro logistics solution helped them streamline their business processes. AI-powered features helped them manage their lead-to-order quickly and smoothly, ensuring no business opportunity was lost. Moreover, NTS successfully improved customer satisfaction by improving communication speed, information-sharing, and load visibility.


Resultantly, NTS could cut their costs by 30% and improve their efficiency by almost 90%, resulting in considerable revenue growth.

About us

Sigma Solve Inc. stands at the forefront of AI and digital transformation companies, swiftly advancing in the competitive landscape of America. With a strong presence in the USA, Australia, and India, we embrace the mission of reinventing businesses through innovative solutions and harnessing the power of human creativity and technology. 

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