AI and Automation

A futuristic suite of AI and automation solutions to accelerate your digital transformation.

Explore the hidden Business Value of AI and Automation

Sigma Solve is a top-notch AI automation service provider. We have developed out-of-the-box AI automation solutions to help businesses cut costs and boost revenue streams by streamlining business processes. Our clients have benefited from AI automation to enhance employee productivity and gain a competitive advantage.


Our AI experts have developed a technological knack for delivering quicker business outcomes. With Sigma Solve AI automation, you are assured of adding strategic value to your business and making sound decisions to stay ahead of the curve.

Our AI Automation Services

Generative AI

We employ generative AI to develop technologically advanced automation solutions to meet the specific needs of businesses. We develop generative AI solutions that benefit businesses and consumers alike.

Machine Learning

Sigma Solve helps businesses adapt to transformative business practices to elevate products or services by identifying trends, detecting patterns, and decoding complex data to enhance efficiency and profitability.


Sigma Solve offers MLOp solutions to ensure businesses operationalize their machine learning models through pre-built accelerators, automated workflows, and best-in-class frameworks for greater operational efficiency.


We at Sigma Solve have developed a knack for combining natural language processing, machine learning, and data analytics to automate workflows in a highly competitive IT environment to reduce downtime and costs.

Computer Vision

Whether you need to analyze the images, recognize video content, or identify the objects, Sigma Solve helps you gain meaningful information for data extraction, collection, analytics, or security reasons.

Natural language Processing (NLP)

Device chatbots, recognize speeches, evaluate texts, or translate Sigma Solve’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions to structure the data for downstream applications to eliminate ambiguity and enhance creativity.

Cognitive Services

We ensure businesses have the latest functionalities to enhance customer experiences. We leverage cognitive AI to build virtual assistants to deliver personalized recommendations and enhance user experiences.


Improve employee productivity and streamline business processes by automating repetitive tasks to reduce operational costs and improve revenue with Sigma Solve’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions.

Sigma Solve Differentiators

Tailored Solutions: We craft customized AI and automation solutions, aligning technology with your unique business needs to drive efficiency, innovation, and a competitive edge.

End-to-End Expertise

Our inclusive approach encompasses the entire project lifecycle, from discovery to development and beyond, ensuring flawless integration and lasting performance.

Diverse Technologies

Ours is a versatile suite of technologies that cater to the broad spectrum of business services across industries to eliminate bottlenecks and improve efficiency.


The best-in-class development practices ensure we deploy, manage, maintain, and secure the complete life-cycle of the solutions for concurrent improvement and reliability.

Human-Centric Design

The user experience remains at the core of what we build. While developing automation solutions, we prioritize adaptability, customer experience, and intuitive interfaces.

Benefits of AI Automation

Problem-solving ability should be an understatement for generative AI when it is transforming how businesses operate, engage, market, and make profits. AI-enabled machine learning, coupled with process automation, has taken center stage and is fueling incomparable growth. In short, the benefits of generative AI overpower the fear of misuse. Let’s evaluate a few key benefits of generative AI.

Our Automation Approach

In a journey of over 15 years, we have written countless end-to-end business success stories across industries and sectors with our expertise and relentless dedication.

Problems We Solve

About us

Sigma Solve Inc. stands at the forefront of AI and digital transformation companies, swiftly advancing in the competitive landscape of America. With a strong presence in the USA, Australia, and India, we embrace the mission of reinventing businesses through innovative solutions and harnessing the power of human creativity and technology. 

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Our Work

Drive into the fast-paced lane of technological innovations at Sigma Solve Inc. Explore the transformative powers of digital innovations through our success stories. Sigma Solve has developed a knack for emerging technologies and conquering challenges in the realms of artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, blockchain, and more in tailored, cutting-edge solutions.

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