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Streamline Your Cloud Journey with Sigma Solve

Sigma Solve, your dedicated cloud consulting company, will guide you through a smooth and successful cloud adoption journey. With over a decade of experience in cloud development and migration, we take care of every facet of the cloud—from designing adoption strategies and optimizing costs to creating efficient cloud-native apps and migrating legacy infrastructures.

Why Choose Sigma Solve for Your Cloud Transformation?

Experience Matters

With over ten years of experience in cloud development and migration, we bring a wealth of experience to ensure your journey is smooth and successful.

Comprehensive Cloud Services

From designing adoption strategies to developing cloud-native apps and migrating legacy systems, we offer end-to-end solutions tailored to your needs.

Cloud Capabilities

Whether you’re starting fresh or optimizing existing infrastructure, our experienced consultants will guide you in adopting cloud capabilities that align with your specific requirements.

Chatbot Development

Our team develops intelligent AI applications that engage with humans through touch sensing, voice recognition, language processing, and programmed decision-making. Our skilled AI developers specialize in crafting customized chatbots.

Data Science & Research

At our company, we delve deep into unstructured datasets, meticulously analyze data, construct powerful predictive models, and transform raw data into actionable insights. Our comprehensive suite of services empowers businesses.

Data Annotation

Efficiently construct, transform, train, and test advanced machine learning models across various domains, including text, audio, visual (image or video) and other forms of unstructured data, by leveraging the power of AI-based labeling, supervised algorithms.

Our Cloud Offerings

Discover the full potential of cloud technology with Sigma Solve’s decade-long expertise. From tailored consulting to seamless migration and ongoing support, our cloud services are crafted to meet your evolving needs. Trust us to navigate the cloud landscape, ensuring efficiency, security, and growth for your business. Elevate your cloud experience with Sigma Solve.

Our Cloud Platform Expertise

Success in the cloud goes beyond selecting the right platform. It involves implementing strategies to maximize ROI. Our expertise extends beyond technical aspects, providing unique insights to optimize your cloud investment.


  • Consulting, designing, building, and deploying cloud solutions on AWS.
  • Migration of applications and data to AWS.
  • Management and optimization of AWS cloud environments.


  • Consulting, development, and deployment of cloud solutions on Azure.
  • Migration of applications and data to Azure.
  • Management and optimization of Azure cloud environments.


  • Consulting, implementation, and optimization of Snowflake.
  • Migration of applications and data to Snowflake.
  • Management and optimization of Snowflake environments.

Fuel Your Business Growth with Our Cloud Consulting Services

About us

Sigma Solve Inc. stands at the forefront of AI and digital transformation companies, swiftly advancing in the competitive landscape of America. With a strong presence in the USA, Australia, and India, we embrace the mission of reinventing businesses through innovative solutions and harnessing the power of human creativity and technology. 

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