Cloud & Devops Development

Streamline and Accelerate Your Development with DevOps Excellence

Empower Your Business with the Infinite Potential of Cloud Computing

Sigma Solve, an Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Silver partner, offers managed cloud computing services for AWS and Azure. By transitioning to the cloud, organizations can reduce costs and complexity while accessing secure and scalable environments. Let us guide you towards a successful business future in the cloud.

Comprehensive range of Cloud and DevOps services

DevOps services to streamline software development and operations, enabling faster delivery, continuous integration, and improved collaboration.
Sigma Solve helps businesses unleash the full power of AWS cloud services through expert guidance and dedicated support.AWS experts is here to assist you.
Sigma Solve assists in migrating on-premises or other cloud-based workloads to AWS, ensuring a seamless transition, minimal downtime, and resource utilization.
We help businesses unlock the value of their data using AWS data analytics services, leveraging advanced analytics techniques, and delivering actionable insights for informed decision-making.
Our Azure cloud consulting services empower businesses to harness the potential of Microsoft Azure, designing and implementing scalable, secure, and high-performing solutions.
Our team of experts provides guidance for implementing and optimizing Snowflake, enabling businesses to leverage its scalability, performance, and user-friendly features for efficient data management.

Salesforce Cloud Consulting

Sigma Solve offers Salesforce cloud consulting services, enabling organizations to leverage the Salesforce platform for enhanced customer relationship management, sales automation & process optimization.


At Salesforce Cloud Consulting, we understand that every business is unique, with its own set of goals, challenges, and requirements. That’s why we offer tailored consulting services designed to address your specific needs and drive your success in the digital era.

Harnessing Customer Benefits

Lower Operational Costs

Offers advanced solutions that empower businesses to leverage a wide range of cloud computing services while minimizing costs.

Streamline process

We will assist you in developing a comprehensive operational process that enhances efficiency and minimizes time wastage.

Reduced Risk of Inconsistent Infrastructure Configuration

Let Sigma Solve be your cloud computing partner. Our experts handle infrastructure configuration to ensure uniformity and consistency.

Control Infrastructure Investment

Sigma Solve offers easy and cost-effective solutions, delivering numerous benefits. Contact us today for top-notch cloud computing management services.
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Transition To The Cloud With Sigma Solve

Our expert team can help with your cloud transition or new project in a secure and cost-effective cloud computing environment. We’re committed to continuous improvement, exceeding expectations in budget, experience, and delivery.



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