Dedicated Team Engagement

Dedicated Team Engagement

Use our tech power to transform your business. A simple approach to meet your development needs.

Tailored Development Teams and Comprehensive Support

Sigma Solve creates specialized teams for businesses that want to make a product with less extra work, grow quickly, or add skilled people to their team. We give our partners access to our tech, business, and infrastructure tools, adapt our development methods to fit their needs and take full responsibility for every part of the development process.

Our Dedicated Collaboration Models

Our partnership models stand for a tailored approach to deliver on unique client needs. Our collaboration models incorporate the client’s objectives, providing an effective and committed partnership to propel growth.

Comprehensive Development Services

Our complete development team model gives you access to a dedicated offshore development center specifically tailored for your project. You have full control over team selection and communication, or you can streamline engagement through a project manager while maintaining transparency and visibility throughout the process. We always ensure the effective operation of the team and take full responsibility for delivering results.

Team Enhancement for In-House Operations

We can enhance your in-house capabilities by adding our engineering, testing, and support specialists to your team. Our experts continually refine their expertise in specific domains and seamlessly integrate into your established processes and methodologies. This collaboration model allows you to utilize our research and development and engineering skills, benefiting from the combined resources and synergy of our teams.

Explore Sigma Solve’s Specialized Skills through Our Dedicated Development Teams.

Benefits of Sigma Solve

Our partners appreciate our collaborative approach and repeatedly choose to entrust us with their new projects.

Tailored talent composition

Our tailored talent selection helps businesses hire the right mix for the project at a low cost. Dedicated team augmentation performs tasks with utmost focus and delivers results in a quick time around. 

Access to global talent

With over 450 clients, Sigma Solve partners in every corner of the world, providing businesses with global talent to meet their requirements on off-shore, near-shore, or on-shore bases. 

Adaptability & Focus

From Sigma Solve, you get the team fully focused on the tasks with no distractions. Our staff is skilled and, therefore, fully prepared for contingency with the utmost adaptability; even reconfiguring is easy. 

Transparent pricing

There is no ambiguity around pricing. Sigma Solve adheres to a straightforward pricing model based on project length, technology stake, intricacies, and the skills and experience of the talent. 

Cost Efficiency

Our staff unidirectionally focuses on the project elements they are supposed to solve. They focus on and dedicate their time to completing the tasks quickly, clocking fewer hours comparatively. 

Faster time-to-market

Our dedicated professionals are vastly experienced in delivering digital solutions on time, allowing businesses to go at a time-to-market pace for new products or technology launches. 

Featured Projects

Our dedicated development teams are consistently engaged in large-scale international projects.


Sigma Solve helped e-Builder eliminate critical project management bottlenecks in the construction industry, enabling custom workflow management.

Fresh Meal Plan

Sigma Solve efficiently automated order management processes, enabling customers to order meals easily and repeatedly, increasing sales multifold.

DocuSight AI

For DocuSight AI, we built a comprehensive AI-powered document analysis and summarization system to enhance the learning process and streamline workflows.


For Scootaround, we developed a dedicated mobile app to streamline the ordering process for multiple products and allow customers to book vehicles based on their needs.


Explore Other Projects

Start the journey of success with Sigma Solve’s compelling stories of success. Be part of our innovation, triumph, and client satisfaction. Learn how we have turned challenges into success with the transformative power of our solutions.


Sigma Solve partnered with Nationwide Transport and built a custom logistics CRM to streamline lead management, reduce logistics costs, and improve ROI in a short time.

Pisces Healthcare

Not only did Sigma Solve make its order processing efficient, but we also helped improve its sales multifold by delivering an innovation leveraging robotic process automation.

TACO Marine

Sigma Solve helped TACO Marine improve their revenue growth by 30% and reduce costs and time to market by 40% and 36%, respectively, by building a comprehensive eCommerce store.

The four-way impact of data when it tells a clear story

Step into a realm of captivating data visualization, where intricate information transforms into a symphony of insights that resonate powerfully with your business goals. Immerse yourself in our awe-inspiring data visualization services, where visual masterpieces unravel hidden truths and empower you to make resounding decisions.


Data storytelling

  • Grasp large volumes of data instantly
  • Make informed decisions without delay
  • Stay at the forefront of your industry

Faster decisions

  • Gain clear and real-time insights into projects
  • Accelerate data-driven decision-making at all levels
  • Act quickly and efficiently


  • Foster communication among stakeholders
  • Navigate the world of data with visual analytics
  • Embrace the power of teamwork

Uncover anomalies

  • Explore the depths of your spreadsheet data
  • Unlock powerful insights that drive business success
  • Discover hidden patterns

Our Technology Stack

Our extensive expertise in various technology stacks allows us to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of businesses across industries. We stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the IT field to ensure that our clients benefit from the most effective and efficient technologies available.



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