Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce

We craft digital commerce strategies to give
enterprises a competitive advantage.

Building unified brand experience globally

Elevate your business with innovative and future-proof eCommerce stores, ensuring sales growth, high ROI, and a loyal customer base. Our stores blend functionality and aesthetics for immersive customer experiences, leveraging secure, scalable, and user-friendly designs. Embrace emerging technologies for maximum engagement, multichannel sales expansion, and a competitive edge. Trust our digital experts for a strategic journey, utilizing their vast experience in multi-channel platforms, enterprise marketing, collaboration, mobility, and exceptional customer experiences. Embark on a comprehensive digital transformation for optimized results.

Problems We Solve to Boost Your Business

Outdated Technologies

Sigma Solve infuses the most advanced technologies into eCommerce store development. AI, ML, and automation make your eCommerce platform flawless, responsive, and immersive. Our eCommerce store development ensures your store resonates with your targeted audiences and improves the customer retention rate.

Low Conversion

Immersive design, robust functionalities, built-in marketing tools, and data analytics allow businesses to create exceptional user experiences and leverage technologies to optimize audience targeting and checkout processes to improve conversion rates while gradually implementing data-driven decision-making.


Online shopping is shifting to mobile eCommerce stores. Sigma Solve optimizes designs to be interactive and responsive to customers’ chosen digital devices to ensure customers get the most enhanced shopping experiences. Our mobile app development ensures enhanced performance to engage a wider customer base.

Payment Options

With growth, businesses cater to diverse audience segments and need to upgrade their eCommerce platform to provide a wide range of payment options. Sigma Solve’s eCommerce solutions are adaptable, flexible, and scalable, allowing it to integrate more payment options to boost sales and expand to newer markets across the globe.


Our eCommerce partners have never worried about cybersecurity. Our eCommerce stores are developed with the most advanced and updated security protocols to ensure that your data, devices, and processes remain fortified, allowing customers to place their trust in your eCommerce store and shop confidently.

Maintenance and Support

Sigma Solve focuses on building partnerships for the foreseeable future, and partnership is defined by support. Sigma Solve stands by each eCommerce platform it develops. We provide constant technical support and round-the-year maintenance to ensure you edge out competitors and continue to grow your sales.

eCommerce Services that Secure Your Industry Position

Expand the horizon and go global with Sigma Solve’s innovative eCommerce solutions.

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Single Vendor eCom Website Development

Sigma Solve builds fully custom eCommerce websites to address the unique product segment and distinctive requirements of the business and position the brand in an exclusive market zone. Captivate customers, personalize experiences, engage effectively, and optimize transactions to boost sales and build a loyal customer base.

DigitalComm and WebsiteDev

Multi-Vendor eCom Website Development

Sigma Solve helps businesses build and develop an eCommerce ecosystem with feature-full and future-ready eCommerce solutions. Automation, advanced capabilities, and lucid responsiveness power our eCommerce solutions to boost sales and ROI while empowering businesses to collaborate globally to reach out to global markets.

DigitalComm multi vendor

Custom eCommerce App Development

Grow your eCommerce sales to new heights with our eCommerce mobile app development services. We optimize your customers’ journey from laptops to fingertips. Our user-friendly, intuitive, and interactive eCommerce mobile apps ensure conversions and secure transactions. Attract a wider audience and increase sales multifold.

DigitalComm App Dev

eCommerce Plugin Development

Sigma Solve has developed a knack for building innovative functionalities for eCommerce stores with plugin development. We ensure your website is equipped with the latest technologies and capabilities to provide enhanced customer experiences consistently and meet your specific needs to boost conversions and revenue.

DigitalComm Plugin

eCommerce Store Migration

Turn your dysfunctional eCommerce store into a money-spinning storefront swiftly with eCommerce migration services. Whether you are looking to upgrade your online store or want to migrate to a new platform to reduce errors and downtime and protect and transfer data, Sigma Solve evolves your business into a new brand.

DigitalComm Store Migration

eCommerce Marketing 360

Go global and cater to the needs of customers globally with Sigma Solves eCommerce marketing 360 services. Popularize your eCommerce store and its products with 360-degree marketing to expand your reach across regions and turn clicks into customers with our data-driven marketing strategies and plausible SEO and PPC campaigns.

DigitalComm marketing360 img

Conquer the Competition with Technical Expertise

Technologies, technology trends, and technology platforms allow Sigma Solve to build a distinguished eCommerce store for your business. Therefore, Sigma Solve partners with top tech platforms to build specific features your business requires and to technically optimize your eCommerce store to enhance business prospects.


In Magento, seamless design meets robust functionality, creating an online realm of endless possibilities and fueling growth and scalability.


Unleash your brand’s potential with Shopify’s simplicity and effortless eCommerce development as we blend style and substance into your online store.


The agility and affordability of PHP build dynamic stores that flex with your growth, weaving your eCommerce aspirations that captivate effortlessly.



nopCommerce empowers your vision with custom flexibility in the eCommerce landscape, building tailored features for your unique online success story.


Shift4Shop equips you to conquer every eCommerce market with agility, versatility, and innovation to propel your online business to new heights.


Java helps you code your eCommerce store with robust platforms for lasting success, fueling innovation and reliability for seamless performance.

An eCommerce Process with Precision







Why Choose Sigma Solve for eCommerce Development?

Hire an eCommerce Expert

Having the back of a wizard when you start your eCommerce journey helps you win half the battle. When you join hands with Sigma Solve to launch your eCommerce store, you will get an e-commerce expert with complete knowledge of e-commerce development platforms, the latest e-commerce trends, technological know-how, sectoral knowledge, and years of experience to skyrocket your e-commerce journey.


They are connoisseurs of e-commerce who know how to optimize your e-commerce platform and spread the word, increase footfall, generate leads, and close conversions to fuel sales to ensure you stay ahead of your competitors and future consumer trends.

Let’s build the partnership for successful project execution

About us

Sigma Solve Inc. stands at the forefront of AI and digital transformation companies, swiftly advancing in the competitive landscape of America. With a strong presence in the USA, Australia, and India, we embrace the mission of reinventing businesses through innovative solutions and harnessing the power of human creativity and technology. 

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