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In the current digital age, businesses that make use of the latest technologies enjoy significant competitive advantage over their counterparts. Since technology is always advancing, successful enterprises are always on the lookout for the latest trends that could help them improve their operations for more profit and growth.

One such technology is cloud computing services.

About Cloud Computing Service

Traditionally, organizations depended on in-house servers to store all their vital information and run their programs and systems. However, with the increase in the amount of data available to businesses this model has become very costly and difficult to implement.

Cloud computing solves this problem by allowing businesses to host their operations on cloud-hosted servers by independent providers. This enables them to conveniently access all the required files and features without having to keep the bulk of the system on their computers.

Sigma Solve is an Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Silver partner, utilizing the latest technologies to provide managed cloud computing services for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. The goal is to offer businesses a highly automated, secure and scalable environment on which to run their operations.

If you are looking to transition to the Cloud and reap its numerous benefits, Sigma Solve is here for you. Let us guide you through the change toward a more successful business future.

Our Offerings

Sigma Solve is your ultimate Cloud Computing partner, with a team of experts aimed at providing you services, such as:

Cloud Strategy & Assessment

Whether you plan on using Microsoft Azure or AWS, Sigma Solve is the way to go. Our experts will analyze your organization, taking into consideration your resources and IT environment, to determine whether you are ready to migrate to the cloud. The assessment will also include an analysis of your current needs, workload types, strengths and weaknesses, and cloud computing goals, among other factors.

Using this assessment, we will come up with a suitable comprehensive cloud strategy for your business, including migration and implementation. Our Azure Cloud and AWS experts will also determine the services that your business will require, ensuring you get the most out of cloud computing at the lowest cost and minimum hustle. The cloud strategy provided will also aim tocreate the most efficient system by mending gaps between applications, infrastructure, DevOps, and security.

Cloud Strategy & Assessment
Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

With infrastructure as code (IaC), organizations have the power to manage their cloud infrastructure using code rather than through manual processes. This is beneficial as it makes it easier to edit and distribute configurations, and to ensure uniformity by provisioning the same environment every time.

Sigma Solve makes IaC accessible to all businesses by taking care of the more technical aspects of the process. IaC is dependent on coding language, requiring the user to be familiar with languages such as JSON, YAML, Ruby, etc. Security and monitoring the IaC using manual means can also be challenging, requiring expert knowledge.

Sigma Solve bridges this gap by offering scalable and reusable cloud infrastructure by using platforms such as Azure ARM and AWS CloudFormation. As a result, all the technicalities such as coding, monitoring and securing the system are handled by our qualified team of experts.

DevOps Automation

Sigma Solve helps organizations streamline the coordination of application development and operation by offering various DevOps automation options. With AWS and Azure DevOps Automation tools, the need for human interaction is reduced by eliminating the manual and repetitive processes involved in planning, coding, building, testing, release, deployment and monitoring.

DevOps Automation

Containerization and Orchestration

Through containerization, Sigma Solve provides a standard way of packing the codes, configurations and dependencies of your application into easily accessible packages. These containers can run as resource-isolated processes to ensure reliable, quick, and consistent deployments, regardless of the environment.

With AWS and Azure’s Kubernetes and Docker, the scheduling, development, scaling, networking, management and health monitoring of the containers are fully automated, ensuring they are always running in the required state.

Hybrid, Multi-cloud Management

In a hybrid or multi-cloud approach, an organization utilizes more than one cloud, usually from different providers, to host its services. The main challenge with a hybrid approach is that it is a tedious process that requires specialist knowledge to manage. Even then, managing various cloud services comes with the risk of mistakes, such as misconfiguration, that could expose the business to losses.

Sigma Solves helps businesses use Azure Arc for application development, management, and deployment of their infrastructure in many cloud environments. Our experts leverage the best industry practices to provide you with a secure and scalable multi-cloud management option for your organization.


24x7 Cloud Managed Support

Sigma Solve boasts a team of Azure and AWS-certified specialists whose aim is to develop and deliver efficient cloud-managed solutions and services when needed. Cloud computing is a challenging task, and most enterprises will need a skilled partner to help them make the best use of the services. Our experts offer 24×7 support, ensuring that lack of knowledge does not stall or slow down your business operations.

Customer Benefits

Here is why Sigma Solve is a trusted partner to various enterprises, both large and small.

Lower Operational Costs

Sigma Solve advanced solutions aim at helping businesses make use of all the cloud computing services they need at the lowest costs.

Streamline the Business Process

We will help you develop a comprehensive operation process to increase efficiency and reduce time wastage.

Reduced Risk of Inconsistent Infrastructure Configuration

Infrastructure configuration is a technical aspect that not every organization's employees can handle. Let Sigma Solve be your cloud computing partner, and our experts will handle all your configurations to ensure uniformity and consistency.

Control Infrastructure Investment

Implementing cloud computing is not optional for a business wishing to stay competitive in the current age. Despite its many benefits, adopting it can be a challenging task. Fortunately, Sigma Solve is a trusted cloud computing management partner who will make the process easy, enabling your organization to reap all the advantages at the lowest cost.
Reach out to us today and enjoy the best cloud computing management services on the planet.

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Transition To The Cloud With Sigma Solve

Our team has the knowledge and experience to guide your cloud computing transition, or develop your new project in a scalable, affordable, secure cloud environment. Our bottom-line goal is to deliver better every day. We meet and exceed our goals for the timeliness, budget, experience, and delivery. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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