Sigma Solve is a Microsoft Silver Partner and Amazon Web Services Partner. We provide managed Cloud Computing for Microsoft Azure and AWS(Amazon Web Services), offering the scalability and power of the cloud platform with our robust support and managed services. Sigma offers a highly secure environment with less overhead and additional planning capabilities.

If you’re considering migrating to Microsoft Azure or AWS, Sigma Solve is your go-to partner. We will work with you as a managed service provider directly facilitating Azure or AWS workloads. Sigma unifies the management of applications across Azure, Microsoft private cloud and Hybrid environments as well as AWS EC2, Lightsail and other environments.

Sigma Solve can guide you through the onboarding assuring your cloud infrastructure meets the current and future needs of your organization and providing ongoing optimization, monitoring, governance, security, orchestration, and support. Our experts bring unique experience in the management of public, private and hybrid IT cloud environments, empowering you to customize a solutions that is perfect for your organization.

Sigma Solve Managed Cloud Computing is Ideal for

  • Applications for the cloud
  • Cloud migrations
  • Projects
  • Development and test environments
  • Data backup and data storage
  • Business applications
  • Digital transformation and websites
  • Datacenter migrations
  • Content delivery and digital marketing
  • Disaster recovery (DR) and high-availability (HA) architecture
  • Application migration, including re-factoring, rehosting and re-platforming

Maximize the Value of Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS)with our Managed Services

  • Always-On Support
    24/7/365 issue response and resolution, backed by industry-leading SLAs and our ITIL-based service management portal.
  • Cloud Lifecycle Management
    Future-proof architecture planning, implementation, migration, operation, and optimization.
  • Security
    Advanced monitoring, customized governance, and data policy management to meet security and compliance requirements.
  • Cost optimization
    Competitive pricing
  • Account Management
    Managed security, provisioning, scaling, backup, database, OS, network, and storage services.


  • On-demand cloud computing platform for Amazon
  • Friendly with the open source model from the beginning
  • Has an edge over Azure in terms of government cloud offerings
  • Flexible Pricing Model
  • AWS is yet strengthening its offerings to support Hybrid clouds
  • AWS has a software marketplace with extensive partner ecosystem -Windows and Linux
  • EBS storage is superfast for big data
  • More mature cloud environment for big data
  • Machines can be accessed individually
  • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2); pay by the hour
  • S3 – Short-term archiving and retrieval
  • Long term data archiving and retrieval through Amazon Glacier
  • Security is provided through user defined roles with exceptional permission controls


  • Public cloud platform for Microsoft
  • Not so good relationship with the open source community
  • Limited reach when it comes to government cloud offerings
  • Comparatively less flexible pricing model when compared to AWS
  • Excels in Hybrid Cloud Space-Organizations can integrate onsite servers with Cloud instances
  • With limited Linux options, Azure is still building its partner ecosystem
  • Standard storage has difficulties for big data and hence premium storage is required
  • Less mature for big data but Azure’s services are improving
  • Machines are grouped into cloud service and respond to the same domain name but different ports
  • Azure Infrastructure Services , pay by the minute
  • Blobs, Queues and Tables- Similar to S3
  • No long term data archiving and retrieval option yet
  • Provides security by enabling permissions on the whole account

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