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Drive eCommerce Success with nopCommerce Multi-store Setup

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Today, we are spotlighting nopCommerce, a celebrated eCommerce development platform. As a leading nopCommerce gold partner, Sigma Solve has successfully developed over 100 eCommerce websites, each tailored to clients’ unique needs.


nopCommerce is a growth catalyst and home to eCommerce innovations that drive definite success.

What is nopCommerce

NopCommerce is a free and open-source ecommerce development platform that provides flexibility, personalization, and security to transform any online store into a thriving brand. The platform was developed in 2008 with scalability in mind and is based on ASP.NET. It is cloud-ready, stable, and user-friendly, making it an ideal choice for ecommerce development companies.



NopCommerce offers a high level of customization and versatility, making it easy to install and get any eCommerce website up and running quickly on your server.

The Partnership: Sigma Solve & nopCommerce

Sigma Solve has a successful partnership with nopCommerce, developing numerous eCommerce solutions for clients such as Scootaround, Unbeatablesale, and Pisces Healthcare. The platform’s diverse features, including payment processing, mobile support, shipping tools, marketing options, plug-in development, vendor management, and multi-store functionality, have been crucial in establishing a lasting relationship between the two.

nopCommerce Multi-store Setup

An eCommerce business can run multiple eCommerce frontend stores with different domains across the globe with one admin panel.


Let’s understand the nopcommerce multi-store development with Sigma Solve’s own example

Scootaround is a Sigma Solve client and one of the most prominent personal transportation solutions providers across North America and Europe that provides wheelchairs, scooters, and rollators at airports, seaports, and otherwise on rent and sale at over 2,500 locations.



Scootaround approached Sigma Solve with the aim of developing its eCommerce stores for different purposes across locations in the US, Canada, and Europe. Since Scootaround products have different price tags across different locations, different fares across different locations, and product diversity, Sigma Solve recommended nopCommerce development services with the multi-store functionality to build its digital presence to drive success.



      • Scootaround asked for functionality allowing to sale same products across domains and locations.

      • Scootaround wanted the same catalog across all eCommerce stores.

      • Sigma Solve was asked to provide a single login for user data from all the domains.

      • Our developer team needed to develop micro-stores within to run special marketing campaigns.

      • We were tasked with building a single database across multiple stores.

    Sigma Solve developed a responsive and captivating user interface to offer exceptional user experiences utilizing NopCommerce custom design and navigation features. We devised prototypes using wireframes and mockups to redevelop Shootaround’s digital commerce solution.


        • We created a custom nopCommerce plugin to integrate third-party APIs for product rental features.

        • We created categories and subcategories for equipment with filters based on features to ease customer search.

        • A system was developed for users to create their accounts, track past rentals, manage preferences, and participate in a loyalty program.

        • A robust CMS is developed to ensure Scootaround can manage its content efficiently across its eCommerce stores.

        • Sigma Solve integrated a delivery management system for users to schedule and monitor equipment deliveries.

        • The checkout system was overhauled for users to replace, reorder, or edit billing addresses.

        • A secure online payment system was put in place to facilitate online payment rentals and sales through nopCommerce.

        • Scootaround was integrated with a third party to offer financing for Scootaround’s products, increasing accessibility for the target audience.

      Sigma Solve enhanced the user experience multifold with a new user interface. From order placement to order management and delivery scheduling, the entire workflow was systemized. Multi-store functionality was optimized to enable Scootaround to promote different prices for different locations with personalization. It reduced the number of user complaints, improved the number of rental orders, and made store management super smooth.



          • Reduced user grievances by 78%

          • Increased rental orders by 53%

          • Improved equipment sales by 37%

          • Witnessed the rise in online payments by 54%

        Features of nopCommerce Multi-store Development

        Efficient Centralized Management:

        You can manage multiple stores from a single admin dashboard. It reduces administrative complications and streamlines end-to-end processes, delivering complete control over accessibility.

        Unified Vendor Management:

        A single admin panel easily manages all the vendors and their respective products. A cohesive approach ensures multiple stores have all verified vendors, easing communication and collaboration. 

        Consolidated Product Management:

        Managing products in multiple stores becomes easy. It allows the admin to update prices, discounts, and features conveniently. Consolidated product management brings ease to inventory management. 

        Payment Gateway Integration:

        Multiple payment gateways integrated into multiple online stores enhance customer experiences and enable safe and secure transactions, simplifying the management of multiple stores. 

        Cost-Effective Scalability:

        nopCommerce facilitates easy and inexpensive store additions in the same admin panel. You don’t need an extra license or to pay additional charges. It reduces financial strain. 

        Unified Customer Experience:

        nopCommerce delivers consistent brand identity and brings ease to customer engagement, cultivating a high customer retention rate and consumer satisfaction.

        Consistent Branding:

        The same marketing tools can be utilized across the store from the multi-store setup of nopComemrce to build an inclusive and cohesive brand image and consistent marketing strategy. 

        Targeted Marketing Strategies:

        nopCommerce allows users to run varied marketing campaigns for each store separately. It allows each store to target a preferred audience and promote diverse product ranges.

        Localized Content and Language Support:

        nopCommerce multi-store setup allows you to write content in multiple languages. It offers support for online translation to reach the specific target audience to enhance engagement.

        Robust Security Measures:

        Cybersecurity for an eCommerce store should be impenetrable, and nopCommerce exactly does that, offering strong security measures to protect user data and applications.

        Customization and Flexibility:

        nopCommerce multi-store facilitates extreme customization through nopCommerce plugins and plugin development and by integrating third-party solutions to meet the unique needs of the market. 

        Analytics and Reporting:

        Being able to obtain accurate analytics through a robust analytics system helps make the right business decisions. nopCommerce’s reporting tools provide data-driven insights for robust growth.

        Benefits of nopCommerce Multi-store


            • Anyone can download nopCommerce source code and customize it according to their needs because nopCommerce is an open-source platform for eCommerce developers. 


              • nopCommerce empowers businesses to gain free support from Microsoft SQL server for backends developed using nopComemrce, adding more flexibility in development.


                • Hyper-customization attracts businesses and developers alike as it allows developers to develop almost any feature and plugin to fit the project requirements.




                      • Building a quick and sleek checkout process with multiple payment gateways is essential but cumbersome, which nopCommerce makes easy to develop.


                        • nopCommerce offers multiple marketing and built-in SEO tools to evaluate website performance and plan marketing campaigns to build a sustainable brand identity.


                          • Centralized store management, unified product management, broadened customization, and user-friendly designs deliver the highest level of customer experience.

                        Tips for nopCommerce Multi-store Setup

                        Plan your store:

                        Before you start developing multiple front-end stores, predefine the number of stores, languages, currencies, products, target audiences, and branding. eCommerce store structure and design play vital roles in the business’s success.

                        Individual customization:

                        Tailor each store based on language, currency, and demography. nopCommerce platform encourages strong customization for vendors, categories, and marketing strategies to ensure each store appears unique and has its own identity. 

                        Supply Chain Management:

                        NopCommerce’s product management tools can easily overcome the imbalance in demand and supply. Prepare a centralized inventory management strategy to simplify warehouse management and ensure consistency in delivery. 

                        Responsive Design:

                        Multi-device UI/UX and captivating interfaces play a critical role in branding, customer experiences, and ROI. nopCommerce empowers you to build theme-based eCommerce stores for visual appeal and connecting touch points.

                        Elevated Customer Experience

                        nopCommerce has ample features to enhance customer experiences immediately. From personalization to data-driven reports and user accounts and easy checkout in between, nopCommerce makes shopping really joyous.

                        Synced Order Management:

                        From lead to order and order to delivery, monitoring, and tracking of orders automatically enhance revenue streams. The robust order management tools ensure you don’t miss opportunities and deliver on time. 

                        Local SEO Content:

                        Content is still the king when it comes to establishing an individual brand identity, increasing visibility, and ensuring customer engagement. Develop a local SEO strategy using nopCommerce marketing tools for each front store.

                        Future-ready Scalability:

                        NopCommerce attracts the most developers because it offers a Net core base, which enables developers to build a future-ready store. Scalability ensures future expansion in a multistore setup to meet upcoming demands. 

                        Robust Security Apparatus:

                        nopCommerce is known to provide robust security features to protect your store and user data from cyber threats. Deploy the best security apparatus across the stores and perform regular security audits. 

                        Testing, Updates, and Maintenance:

                        Thorough and regular testing enables eCommerce stores to evaluate the loopholes and rectify them quickly for cost-effective maintenance and uncompromisable performance to stay competitive and compatible.



                        Very few eCommerce development platforms offer multi-store setups. Among those available, nopCommerce has been proven to be the first choice of eCommerce developers for the reasons mentioned above. nopCommerce is free, hyper-customizable, and feature-full for any business to transform from offline to offline with guaranteed success.


                        With over 100 projects, Sigma Solve has successfully transformed nook-and-corner stores into global brands. Consult with our eCommerce experts to nurture your business into the future with transformative benefits. Call us at +1 954-397-0800 for consultations.

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