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How to Drive Business Growth with AI and ML in Enterprise Mobility

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We thought smartphones revolutionized our world completely. At the same time, artificial intelligence (AI) knocked on our doors to prove us all wrong. Imagine the combined force of enterprise mobility and AI transforming our creativity, functionalities, and performance to an unimaginative zenith.



This blog delves deep into the groundbreaking fusion of artificial intelligence solutions with machine learning algorithms and its influence on enterprise mobility solutions and mobile app development. We will witness the impact of AI, ML, and enterprise mobility solutions joining forces, their ways, challenges, and incentives to envision what lies ahead for businesses of the future. 

Hairsplitting the Hypothesis:

Do you feel your mobile phone listens to your offline conversations? Well, that’s the transformative combination of artificial intelligence and mobile technology. AI and machine learning together are hellbent on shrinking your world further than a 7-inch display screen.


Steve Jobs wasn’t far from the truth when he suggested combining the internet with phones and iPads would impact the world in big ways. You can visualize the extension of his prediction in a Gartner report from 2016 when AI was nowhere searched, but in 2017, it ranked 7th in the top 100 search terms.

Digital Transformation for Businesses

In a post-COVID world, entrepreneurs and business owners were looking for the technological potion that would bestow them with the superpower to enhance communication, sequence workflow, increase productivity, and protect data while saving operational costs.


Bandwagoning on digital transformation services, businesses came across mobility solutions. A mix of mobile technology and emerging technologies, enterprise mobility solutions helped businesses look beyond geographical boundaries for talent and customers to simplify their business processes, get hold of technological know-how, and attain greater access to the global market for achieving sustainable growth and fostering better returns.

What is Enterprise Mobility?

Enterprise mobility is a suite of software that functions as a well-oiled machine to declutter business processes, improve interoffice communications, control accessibility, and facilitate the ease of remote working for employees.


Fundamentally, enterprise mobility is a capability businesses bestow on themselves in employee operations and client engagements to manage data, communication, policies, and progress. A long-standing partnership with a mobility solutions provider ensures businesses drive efficiency, reduce overhead expenses, enhance employee productivity, and improve overall IT performance by many folds.


Today, businesses are judged by enterprise mobility solutions built with the latest technologies and their feasibility, functionalities, and accessibility. In addition to the benefits to employees, mobility allows a greater level of collaboration, smooth and secure data exchange, and drives higher levels of client satisfaction.

A Sneak Peek into AI and ML

Everyone in the business world knows the AI and ML revolution is underway, and its influence will only grow as days pass. Before equipping enterprise mobility solutions, it is essential to understand the essence of AI for mobility and how AI will transform businesses’ mobility. 

AI Powering Personalized User Experiences

Who would not like to have a personal assistant? Empowering mobility solutions with AI means automating tasks, enhancing personalization, identifying work flaws, using advanced data analytics, preparing reports, and facilitating exceptional collaboration among employees and between clients and the enterprise.



Let’s assume you are having an important project meeting, and AI comes up with all the essential documents beforehand. AI may notify you, schedule your call, or remind you of the deadline. It would essentially streamline your workflow, stimulate your productivity, ensure a high level of collaboration, and help you attain peak performance.

ML Optimizing Security and Performance

Machine learning algorithms can train themselves from data and usage patterns to protect mobility solutions from unauthorized access and other anomalies. Machine learning can play a critical role in detecting and mitigating cyber security risks to prevent system failure, data breaches, and cyber attacks that may cripple the whole organization.


Machine learning predicts future events and acts as a robust firewall, preventing many untoward incidents and ensuring mobility solutions work at their peak. Therefore, ML empowers systems to remain functional, scalable, and adaptable and continuously upgrade user experiences.

The Significance of AI in Businesses

AI is an elixir that builds a business from within, developing new capabilities for data processing, predictive analysis, automation, content generation, securing IT infrastructure, and more. A decade ago, no one had imagined the influence of artificial intelligence on businesses. Still, today, businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on AI to enhance efficiency, increase productivity, streamline workflows, improve customer experiences, perform product reengineering, and do many other things that time will reveal to us in the future.


AI is a cumulative term used to define a number of sub-AI technologies, such as NLP, LLM, generative AI, machine learning, cognition, and deep learning. AI app development companies leverage AI to automate functions to achieve consistency, reduce errors, reduce downtime, and remediate glitches. By now, we all know who Siri and Alexa are. They are the most striking example of AI reaching every household.   Tailored AI solutions help businesses optimize productivity, simplify business processes, drive growth, and improve ROI. 

    • The biggest plus of AI lies in customization. AI helps businesses perform tasks earlier that were unthinkable.
    • Blend mobile technology with AI, and you will have the most powerful remote network to enhance productivity and drive efficiency.
    • Streamlining business processes brings performance uniformity, helping businesses transform the work environment. 
    • Regardless of investment cost, AI is going to evolve custom app development for better user experience and secure IT infrastructure. 

    Playing AI, ML, and Enterprise Mobility Together

    Global lockdowns revealed the fallacy of trade incentives and multilateral trade agreements, throwing the global supply chain into disarray. Consequently, businesses moved online to generate demand and sales. In line with evolved objectives, businesses aggressively started adopting enterprise mobility solutions. Now, businesses are strategically combining mobility with artificial intelligence to take efficiency, performance, and security to the new moon.


    Businesses are targeting the below-mentioned specific goals with this amalgamation of AI and ML into enterprise mobility. 

    Smart Remote Work:

    Mobility enabled businesses to have higher global talent and prepared ground for a productive work environment even from remote locations. Enterprise app development enabled businesses to gain complete control over data, tools, and frameworks. Users started getting secure access to the company’s critical IT infrastructure on mobile devices. 

    Security On-the-go:

    Compared to web applications, mobile apps are far more secure since they have robust security apparatus built into them. AI provides another security layer over the default layer to allow users to safely access critical business data from wherever they are. Moreover, AI identifies flaws in the system in real-time and rectifies them. 

    Streamlined Workflows:

    AI automation solutions monitor every action on the system and help optimize workflow by eliminating useless steps to boost efficiency. They destroy communication hurdles and add smooth flow to business processes for consistency. Resultantly, AI in enterprise mobility connects data, employees, and clients in a secure and clear loop.

    Personalized User Experiences:

    Mobile application development was not advanced in the initial year to build mobile apps that treat users individually based on their choices and preferences. AI app development has drastically changed mobile apps, delivering personalized user experiences through learning from users’ work patterns. Moreover, NLP made mobile apps more receptive and responsive. 

    Ways AI is Transforming Enterprise Mobility Solutions

    Smart Mobile Applications

    Nowadays, you witness advanced camera systems in mobiles, auto-translate functionality, mobile devices counting your walking steps, and heart rate monitors—all of these are thanks to the advanced use of artificial intelligence in mobile app development.

    Automated Reasoning

    In custom software development, a developer needs to provide reasons to implement functionality. With AI, you don’t need to create or apply reasons manually; the software development process will choose the best reason for itself.

    Hyper User Engagement

    As businesses transition to the digital world, customer engagement is one of their top priorities. AI helps businesses understand consumer behavior, preferences, and demographic dividends. Data-driven personalized communication enhances engagements. 

    Data Mining

    Before AI arrived, one of the major problems for businesses was data extraction. Another problem was how to make sense of the extracted data. AI fulfilled both of these vital needs of businesses, enabling them to mine and process data for accurate insights and precise predictive analysis. 

    Sentiment Analysis

    Until the latest advancement in AI, gauging the customer’s mood was unattainable. However, nowadays, AI analyzes the patterns of questions asked through chatbots and the sentiments of users. Based on this emotion analysis, the AI behind the chatbot responds to user queries.

    Chatbot-driven Communication

    Everyone knows about chatbots on their favorite websites and the 24*7 help they provide. Customers needn’t wait until the next day to talk to a business representative to resolve issues. Instead, chatbots themselves are capable of understanding the query and its best possible resolution. 

    Irregularity Detection

    Whether it is a financial fraud or cyber attack, AI can identify irregularities in the system and rectify them as quickly as possible without human intervention to ensure the least downtime, more secure user data, and payment options to protect customers’ interests. 

    Resource Recovery

    It goes without saying that AI saves a lot of working hours by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining business processes. Businesses recover their resources from tedious tasks and deploy them to more productive and creative time to optimize revenue streams. 


    Digital transformation is globalization 2.0 that breaks boundary barriers and binds the world with technological innovations. Artificial intelligence is one such once-in-a-lifetime evolution of technology that is affecting businesses and individuals at every micro level. 


    Sigma Solve is a torchbearer in bringing ease to business through enterprise software solutions. Enterprise mobility solutions have always been a forte for Sigma Solve. By adding AI app development capabilities, Sigma Solve is surging ahead of competitors in building AI-powered enterprise mobility solutions to make businesses more effective, productive, and profitable. 


    Sigma Solve has successfully transformed top-notch businesses through AI and digital transformation services into more trusted brands. Consult with our AI and mobility solutions experts to nurture your business into the future with ever-evolving benefits. Call us at +1 954-397-0800 for consultations.

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