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How to Improve Your Ecommerce Website Speed and Boost Conversion Rate?

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Andrew built his website for selling mobile accessories but was not able to generate the maximum ROI. He was not able to understand the reason behind the high bounce rate he studied analytics on his site. He came to Sigma Solve and the team analyzed his existing website. The ecommerce developers working with Sigma Solve found out as Andrew’s ecommerce store was slow loading, the users abandoned their carts and there were no sales. We redesigned the site and now, Andrew enjoys 53% of increased sales.



  • 51% of the visitors leave a web page if takes more than 3 seconds to load
  • 46% of users expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds
  • An ecommerce website can lose more than $100 million daily from 1 second delay in website loading speed
  • The conversion rate of a website can increase upto 85% when web page load time improves from 5 seconds to 2 seconds

Believe it or not, every second counts for ecommerce websites. Websites that take longer to load may not be able to enjoy good conversions. It is important to look for the best ecommerce website development company to help you build a great website that loads quickly on all the major browsers. Responsive website design and development can help you reach a wider user base and grow your online sales.

Slow-loading website increase the bounce rate 

If you have a slow loading website, the bounce rate of your ecommerce site may be higher. Visitors would to access the page URLs but they may leave your site if they find that it loads slowly. Hence, the bounce rate of your site would increase. It is essential to hire ecommerce developers to help you build a fast loading web store to reduce the bounce rate.

How website speed affects search engine rankings?

Google and other search engines love fast load times as they help to improve the user experience. Search engines crawl fast load sites more effectively than the ones that load slowly. Look for the best ecommerce development solutions to help you improve your search engine traffic.

How to speed up your ecommerce website?

If you have a slow-loading ecommerce website, it’s time to hire ecommerce developers who have great knowledge and expertise in creating fast loading online stores. There are several factors an ecommerce development company would consider in order to make your web pages fast loading.

Some of the tips and tricks to make your website fast loading:

Use a dedicated or fast web server

Web hosting plays an important role in the website speed. Ecommerce website owners should use a dedicated or fast website server to make their store fast loading. Though you would have to spend some extra money for it, you should invest in it as you would be able to enjoy better returns with it later on.

Compress the images 

Ecommerce websites have a lot of product images and videos on the site, which may affect the speed of the web store. Compression helps to reduce the data transfer load on the server. Making use of some image compression tools such as, you can compress the images before using them on your web store. Ask the ecommerce developers to help you with image compression.

Use caching system 

Caching your web pages can make your ecommerce web store faster. You can reduce the server load and make the web pages load faster by using a caching system.

Responsive website 

In today’s world, you need responsive website design and development services in order to reach a lot of mobile and tablet users too. Optimize your site for mobile so that no matter what device or screen size the user accesses it on, he should have a great browsing experience. Talk to expert ecommerce development solutions providers for creating responsive websites for your brand.

Avoid too many plugins 

If you have a CMS website, you may have installed some plugins for adding the desired functionality to the web store. Check for the plugins and remove any unwanted plugins as there are chances that they may be making your store slow.


Wrap Up

Do some research for how you can improve the speed and performance of your ecommerce store. Investing in the right resources and technologies can surely help you boost the conversion rates. Sigma Solve has a team of expert ecommerce developers who can help you with great ideas on how to make your website fast loading and increase your sales and profits. Get in touch with us now to know more.

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