Intelligent Testing & Automation for Salesforce

Streamline and Enhance Your Salesforce Testing with Intelligent Automation

Salesforce Testing with Intelligent Automation

Sigma Solve offers Intelligent Testing & Automation for Salesforce services to streamline and optimize your Salesforce testing processes. Our intelligent testing approach leverages advanced automation techniques and tools to accelerate testing cycles, increase test coverage, and improve the quality of your Salesforce implementations. With Sigma Solve, you can ensure the reliability, scalability, and performance of your Salesforce applications while reducing testing efforts and time-to-market.

Intelligent Testing & Automation for Salesforce

Boring turns bespoke with our ‘Intelligent Testing & Automation for Salesforce’ service. Enjoy the peerless efficiency of our automated Salesforce testing that streamlines multiple processes, upscales software quality, and offers flawless integration. We ensure to deploy cutting-edge technology to maximize your Salesforce experience, elevating your business with highly skillful automation for incredible growth prospects.


Test case automation for Salesforce

Test case automation for Salesforce CRM, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and other Salesforce products.


Data-driven testing

Data-driven testing to validate various scenarios and data combinations in Salesforce.


Integration testing

Integration testing to ensure seamless collaboration between Salesforce and other systems.


Regression testing

Regression testing to safeguard against unintended changes and maintain the stability of your Salesforce ecosystem.

Tools & Technology we Use

Selenium WebDriver

Apex Test Framework

Salesforce Data Loader


Salesforce Lightning Testing

Salesforce DX

why sigma solve

Why Sigma Solve for Regression Testing?

Our Salesforce Testing Approach

At Sigma Solve, we follow a comprehensive Salesforce testing approach that includes:





Hiring Expert

Hire Salesforce Testing Experts

Deploying Salesforce is an intelligent way to grow the business. Therefore, Sigma Solve ensures you receive intelligent testing through automation by our testing automation experts. Attain bespoke growth with complete access to our expert, who ensures testing cycle acceleration, coverage increase, and quality improvement for your Salesforce integration.



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