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Strategic IoT Solutions for Smarter Industries

Strategic IoT Solutions for Enhanced Efficiency

Sigma Solve’s IoT consultants and designers leverage technology, data, and science to develop and deliver digital solutions. With a focus on reimagining online presence, business processes, and digital impact, our IoT consulting services assist clients in building connected smart devices and sharing data. Our IoT software development services encompass requirements engineering, architecture design, platform and user app creation, rigorous testing, and ongoing support.

Our Range of Services

No matter if you’re at the beginning stages of your IoT journey or already navigating through it, our team of best IoT consultants is dedicated to ensuring you leverage the full potential of emerging technologies by providing the following IoT Consulting Services.

IoT Strategy Planning

Our IoT consultants will deliver a practical strategic roadmap, guiding you through the seamless implementation of tailored IoT solutions, addressing your unique business challenges.

Data Processing

Put your trust in our IoT consulting firm to automate the entire process of data collection, filtering, and processing from your IoT devices. Developing solutions that ensure efficient data management.

IoT Solution Prototyping

With our extensive expertise, we specialize in rapidly prototyping IoT projects, offering agile software and hardware solutions. Our streamlined approach enables quick and cost-effective user feedback collection.

Data Analytics & Visualization

Experience multiple visualization techniques such as bar, pie, funnel, and connectivity charts, as well as heat maps. Gain valuable insights with tailored reports and dashboards tailored for different user roles, from managers to data experts.

Hardware Engineering

Leveraging our extensive experience in IoT hardware design, our skilled engineers will assist you in enhancing the functionality of your IoT product. We offer expertise in selecting off-the-shelf components or developing custom devices, ensuring compliance with certification requirements.

PoC Designing

We develop PoCs in IoT, simplified prototypes that validate product functionality. Our experienced team facilitates your digital transformation by covering diverse aspects such as IoT device communication, cloud integration, and device-to-server connectivity at any stage of your IoT product.

IoT Project Planning

IoT consulting services offer a holistic approach, encompassing project scope, time & budget estimation, skill requirements definition, risk identification, & data security strategy elaboration.

Industrial IoT Consulting

We provide descriptions of your envisioned IoT ecosystem, guiding you in selecting the optimal technology to support the development of IoT and cloud-based infrastructure.

Empowering Industries through IoT App Development

We offer tailored IoT consulting solutions to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and drive innovation in industry-specific domains.

Healthcare Sector

Our services encompass the creation of connected ecosystems that elevate medical services and enhance the overall patient experience.

Manufacturing Sector

Our support enables effective equipment management, streamlined production, & enhanced efficiency, resulting in increased productivity.

Logistics Sector

Our expertise lies in facilitating warehouse operations, improving fleet management, and providing real-time tracking of delivered items.

Smart Buildings & Cities

We focus on optimizing working environments, improving waste management systems, and enhancing HVAC systems, resulting in smarter and more sustainable buildings and cities.

Retail Space

Our services encompass the integration of sensors, beacons, RFID, AI, and mobile technologies, enabling retailers to enhance customer experiences and optimize their operations.

Consumer Market

Our expertise expands its presence in the market through the adoption of wearables, smart home appliances, and entertainment platforms, driving innovation and customer engagement.

Automotive Domain

As an IoT consulting services provider, we guide automotive firms in leveraging IoT technologies to advance vehicle functionality and maintenance systems.

FinTech Industry

We offer expertise in streamlining payment processing, risk management, authentication, and security, leading to increased operational efficiency.

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Sigma Solve is your expert IoT consultant, backed by a proven track record of successful project delivery. With rapid, cost-effective, and streamlined execution, our solid technology expertise across various systems and platforms ensures flawless deployment, supported by thorough quality assurance testing. Get access to:



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Sigma Solve boasts a highly skilled team comprising IoT consultants and developers, leveraging their extensive industry knowledge to assist companies in constructing viable strategies alongside comprehensive roadmaps. Our approach considers the distinct goals and requirements of each business, enabling us to expedite the prosperous development of IoT projects.