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Is Your Mobile App Competent Enough in 2020?

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App Industries are growing at the fastest pace and it is one of the leading sectors in the industry. Every business wants to move faster towards consumer from every possible path so that their growth can move faster too. Hence it is extremely important to keep your mobile app updated to give the smoothest experience to users & reap the maximum benefits from the industry next year.


Before I drag you to the trends, cast an eye on some statistics about the mobile app:


  1. Roughly there are 7 billion mobile users worldwide
  2. 1.96 million apps are featured in the App Store and 2.46 million apps are available on the Google Play (as of the second quarter of 2019)
  3. It has been estimated that by 2020 there will be 352.9 billion apps downloads.
  4. Apps are expected to generate $189 Billion revenue by 2020, as per Statista

Tie harness of updates tight before jumping into the competition. You must give your client truly advanced experience through your app. Many trends in the mobile app will take the command of applications but the following are top 5 trends on which you should emphasis more.

Beacon Technology:

Beacon is a Bluetooth technology that sends signals to another device.


E.g. If your customer has installed your app and he or she is around your store they will get the notification. This can be done through beacon technology.


Beacon technology is in demand especially in hotel and healthcare sectors but it can be a great asset for retailers with online stores.

IoT Integration in Mobile Apps:

A web-enabled device collects, send and acts on data which is acquire using embedded sensors, processor and communication hardware from surrounding environments is IoT Integration in mobile apps. It allows internet-enabled devices having IP addresses to communicate with each other through mobile app on a smartphone interface.


IoT had already excelled in many sectors. Internet of Things will try its hand on in 2020 in almost all sectors especially in e-commerce and healthcare. It can interlink any object which gives you ease to access data within an organization.

Android Instant Apps:

Android instant apps have been launched by Google in 2016 but it is accessible on very few apps as of now. The number of instant apps will increase around the corner. Instant apps functions like a website and it gives access to the users without downloading an app. Following are the benefits of Instant apps


1. Function Like a Website
2. No need to download
3. Small Size
4. Does not use device memory
5. Better User Experience


The instant app can generate more users as it gives an app-like experience without downloading. Users can try the instant app as a trial version of the app use it to finish the purchase. The instant app can increase conversions. This feature will be a buzz in 2020 as the necessity of the app is increasing as everyone is thriving to give a better experience to their user.

Blockchain in Mobile Apps

Blockchain has emphasize security tracking and quality controls by its execution in mobile apps. It has distorted and remolds mobile app development. It is not limited to the finance, benefits also include security and manufacturing as well.


Developers are implementing blockchain technology into mobile apps so that they can be accessible for everyone through mobile app development. It’s a win win situation for blockchain technology & investors.


It improves the tracking of transactions and enhances security level. Ample of e-commerce and m-commerce apps freely use blockchain technology. Blockchain will be fascinating in 2020 and ahead.

5G Wireless Services:

5G services are the most trending in 2020. Even before its launch there are many postulations about this technology. It has been stated that 5G technology will be 100 times faster than 4G. It will also improve data security, 3d gaming and augmented reality. To get the latest trends of mobile app development companies like Samsung, LG, Verizon etc. are ready to launch their 5G capable chips. We will be ready to groove 5G technology until the end of 2020.



To have a mobile application is not enough in this fastest moving digital world. Your app should be compatible with updates of upcoming technology and trends. To compete don’t lag. Sigma Solve has Expert mobile developers who are well versed with all the trends. Get the latest updated app with trending technology and free consultation.

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