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One Platform, Endless Solutions with Sigma Solve + Liferay

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Sigma Solve will create software solutions that cater to you and your organization’s highly personalized and tailored needs by leveraging the power of the Liferay Digital Experience Platform.

Create once. Deliver everywhere.

Partnering with Sigma Solve and Liferay Digital Experience Software (DXP) allows you to create enterprise portals, social Intranets, extranets, websites, and integrate with other systems to build connected experiences all on a single platform. Liferay’s connected experiences are designed to help you adapt to constantly evolving modern demands, which are unique to each of your customers. Liferay’s business mantra is Integrate, Organize, and Manage.


Choosing The Right Liferay Partner Is Critical For Your Business

Sigma Solve is a Certified Silver-Level Liferay Digital Experience Software Partner, based in Florida. As a leading software development company, our team of more than 175 developers is equipped to handle all of your development needs, by addressing the complexities of your business without abandoning the personal touch. We work hand-in-hand with you to ensure your project is successful.

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Transform Your Digital Process With Sigma Solve + Liferay DXP

One Platform

One Platform

Deliver digital experiences across web, mobile, and offline channels with a single platform.

Endless Solutions

Endless Solutions

Take on your most complex business challenges with a platform that is infinitely flexible and easy to configure.

Fast Time to Market

Fast Time to Market

Quickly create and deploy solutions without having to write a line of code.

Explore The Liferay Digital Experience Platform

Use DXP as a single product, or a suite of products that function together. Through DXP, Sigma Solve will help you exceed customer expectations, by fully digitizing your business operations, while also gathering meaningful and actionable customer insights.

Analytical Cloud

Liferay Analytics Cloud Improved Customer Experience

Consume and dissect insights on the modern customer journey, while placing emphasis on determining the success of your digital experience performance. Achieve this by integrating your analytics from the moment you launch, as you do not have to set anything up. Your faster launch also means that you will be better placed to put data into action, optimize your Intranet strategy, improve your self-service adoption, and engage with your B2B buyers.

Business Transaction

Liferay Commerce Enhanced B2B Ecommerce

Streamline your business-to-business transactions, by unifying the various components of your commerce, covering the entire life cycle of that transaction. Place emphasis on building customer relationships, while reducing the time and effort that it would usually take to achieve these desired outcomes.

DXP Cloud

Liferay DXP Cloud Connect Disparate Systems

Enable global expansion with PaaS, by delivering on simple cloud-based apps, and more sophisticated cloud-enabled enterprise apps. Use the DXP Cloud to drive business continuity and build best-in-class solutions. This system has been designed to help you avoid the complications that come with using multiple providers for different aspects of your business, by creating an abstract layer to link all of these aspects together.


Transform Your Business Digitally with Sigma Solve & Liferay DXP.