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Unlock the Power of Data with Our ML Consulting Expertise

Machine Learning Consulting Solutions

Sigma Solve’s ML solutions empower businesses to enhance their decision-making processes and harness the potential of large-scale data sets. Our approach involves assembling teams tailored to your specific business requirements and processes. These teams consist of exceptional product owners, skilled software developers, knowledgeable business consultants, proficient QA experts, talented designers, and adept project and product managers.

Empowering Success

From MLOps infrastructure setup for initial pilots to scaling successful projects, we offer comprehensive assistance. Our expertise includes developing ML models that deliver desired outputs and creating supporting applications to leverage the generated insights.

Computer Vision

We are experts in creating state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms that enable real-time processing and analysis of real-world visual data. We specialize in visual sensing, object labeling, and advanced capabilities like face and gesture recognition, ensuring you stay at the forefront of cutting-edge technology.

Business Intelligence

Leverage our specialists’ expertise to create custom machine-learning solutions that enhance enterprise processes. Our services encompass managing workflows, automating decision-making & document processing, implementing RPA and digital labor, as well as business process mining & modeling.

Support and Maintenance

Elevate Your Machine Learning Solutions Unleash Peak Performance,Seamless Operations Assured Unlocking the Power of Machine Learning with Dedicated Support and Maintenance Empower Your Machine Learning Endeavors Timely Updates, Bug Fixes, and Continuous Monitoring for Optimal Performance.

Our ML Consulting use cases

From optimizing customer experiences and fraud detection in finance to streamlining manufacturing processes and enhancing security, our expertise in machine learning enables us to address a wide range of use cases and drive tangible business outcomes.

Maritime Industry

Predict shipping demand based on logistical data, optimize routes and transportation operations, and improve supply chain management.

Online Environment

Analyze browsing habits, predict user preferences, offer targeted suggestions, and deliver personalized online experiences.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Evaluate drug trial effectiveness, predict anomalies and outliers, and optimize drug development processes.

User Behavior Analysis

Predict consumer purchasing habits, streamline ordering, increase operational efficiency, and drive personalized marketing strategies in retail.

Improved Automation

Enhance manufacturing processes, reduce defects, increase efficiency and scalability, and enable predictive maintenance for equipment.


Empowering Agriculture,Enhancing Automated Farming with ML Integration,For Optimal Yield, Resource Efficiency, and Precision Agriculture.

Security Improvements

Offload monitoring and vulnerability assessment tasks to ML algorithms for enhanced protection against phishing, attacks, data breaches, and real-time threat detection.

Financial Management

Predict business expenses, perform cost analysis, enable algorithmic trading, detect fraud, and optimize investment strategies for better financial decision-making.

Cognitive Services

Revolutionizing Industries Advancing Image Recognition, Language Processing, and Customer Interactions,improve natural language.

Our Diverse Range of Industries

We offer tailored ML development solutions to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and drive innovation in industry-specific domains.


Equipment failure predictions, intelligent process automation, digital twins,product inspection & quality control.


Utilizing machine learning algorithms, extensive visual and numerical datasets are meticulously analyzed to achieve accurate identification.


ML services for customer acquisition, risk mitigation through reliable credit scores, identifying liquidity opportunities, etc.


Enhancing quality of life with smart devices using machine learning technology.


Custom AI systems for data analytics, spam detection, and automated call handling.


Effortless interaction between humans and robots, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience.


Fraud detection and stock market prediction using AI in banking and fintech.


Personalized learning and knowledge assessment powered by machine learning.


Boosting conversions, optimizing marketing campaigns, & operational efficiency.

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