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Boost your Company’s Mobility with Mobile Application Development

  • Mobile Application Development

With more users enjoying the convenience of tablets and smartphones, companies that want to stand out are finding that developing a product for mobile platforms can be a crucial step towards discovery and business success. By choosing Sigma Solve, companies gain the benefit of our years of experience in mobile application development services. Whether you’re looking to develop an app for Android, Apple, or cross-platform, Sigma Solve is the place for all of your IT solutions.

Excel at Android Application Development

Whether your company is looking to build an app that will meet industrial needs or individual ones, Sigma Solve specializes in Android development on both phones and tablets. Popular in the United States and crucial overseas, the Android platform has achieved incredible penetration in the market. In 2014, up to 85% of smartphone users were on an Android phone, according to PC World.


When you choose Sigma Solve to help you build into the Android market, you get:

  • Passionate developers who have the necessary knowledge and experience to develop games and mobile applications on the Android platform
  • Talented designers who will make sure that graphics look slick and smooth
  • Knowledge that we’ll be here when you’re ready to update your app in the future

Capitalize on iOS’s Success with Custom Apps

The popularity of the iPhone 6 took the world by storm: according to Apple more than 10 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units were sold in the launch weekend. The Apple ecosystem has often been lauded for the way users can share data across their various Apple devices. When you’re looking to develop an application that will be accessible through and utilized on an iPhone, a MacBook, and an iPad, Sigma Solve is at your disposal.


When utilizing our iOS services you’ll enjoy:

  • Developers who are familiar both with the iOS Software Development kit and the various SDKs that will allow your app to interact with other popular iOS applications
  • Expertise in all realms of application development, from tools and lifestyle to games and entertainment
  • Assurance that if your app needs support in the future, Sigma Solve will be here to help

Exceed Expectations with Application Development on Xamarin

If you truly want your application to be irreplaceable, it needs to be available on all platforms, from Windows to iPhones. Previously, this was an expensive proposition, but the Xamarin platform means that developers can use one set of code for iOS, Android, and Windows, reducing the cost and time needed to create cross-platform applications.


When Sigma Solve creates your app on Xamarin, you get:

  • Our years of experience in C# and ASP .net, which gives us the power to harness all that Xamarin brings to the table
  • Experienced developers in both iOS and Android environments, ensuring that your app looks and functions properly on all platforms

The importance of mobile technology is only going to increase for businesses and individuals alike, making mobility imperative. By developing an exciting application, businesses have the ability to position themselves perfectly for their customers.


What could your business achieve if your services were always in the palm of the customer’s hand? Contact Sigma Solve today or give us a call at 954-397-0800 to find out!

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