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React is a JavaScript-based framework that allows designers to develop applications that use the native components of iOS and Android operating systems. Thus, the applications developed using React Native are quick to build and use a single code that works for both Android and iOS applications apart from the UI elements that need to be designed separately for continued success.

Sigma Solve is listed as one of the 20 most promising Mobility Solutions companies in the USA by CIO Review Magazine, and our native app development capabilities are a huge part of it. We leverage Facebook’s React Hybrid applications to develop robust business-grade application solutions that mimic Native application development.


Cross-Platform Support Makes Development Quick and Simple

Almost 80 percent of the code can be shared between the iOS and Android apps saving developer efforts. Compared to hybrid technologies – which was the only option for cross-platform in the past – React Native is superfast. It makes use of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) while native platforms are more 'Central Processing Unit intensive'.

The React Native architecture is very well tuned to mobile devices. It makes use of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), while native platforms are more ‘CPU (Central Processing Unit) intensive’. Compared to hybrid technologies – which was the only option for cross-platform in the past – React Native is superfast.


Code Re-Usability Reduces Overall Development Time

Native React runs on JavaScript allowing for the reusability of the code for Mobile Apps as well as web platforms. With the reusable components, it is easy for a hybrid app to render events natively.

With Native React, theoretically, the development effort is cut by half. In practice, the cost savings is slightly lower but still more than enough to make the investment worth your while. According to recent calculations, about 90 percent of the code can be reused between Android and iOS. With the reusable components, it is easy for a hybrid app to render events natively.

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React is one of the most notable technologies on the market today for developing Mobile Applications because of its high speed and agility during the development process. High speed and agility over the development process make React one of the most noteworthy technologies on the market today to develop Mobile Applications.

React Native can be thought of as the mobile version of React: it builds on the React concept while also allowing you to create powerful mobile apps.

The Sigma Solve Methodology

As we put your ideas into a mobile application that your clients can utilize, we can help you grow your business online and expand your customer base.

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