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Salesforce is More Than Best with AI Einstein

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As we all know AI is the future of all applications, all the possibilities and capabilities of the company will be built on AI. Salesforce has introduced its AI name as Einstein. Now, with the help of myEinstein platform services, apps can be built smarter and more predictive which can make optimum use of salesforce data and grow business. With the salesforce AI, you don’t need a data scientist to customize AI as per your business.

salesforce einstein

Now let’s see how this Einstein can leverage your business.

Efficient Leads Scoring

It reads your history and past details and then prioritizes leads and important inquiries that are most likely to convert. You can focus on high convertible clients and also make most out of your time.

Development and Opportunity Insights

Einstein identifies the customers’ sentiment, involvement of competitors & updates of the company and predict whether the deal is likely to close or not. It gives you a brief idea about the chances of business development

Automated Data Capture

Capture data automatically and add new contacts. So that you can focus on selling and business rather than wasting time in data entry.

Extend Salesforce Capacity

Extend the salesforce capacity to the maximum for the email and calendar so that you will never miss a single intended buyer.

Sales Analytics

Rapidly gain pipeline visibility, track performance of the team and discover more opportunities to grow business.

Einstein Feed Insights

Einstein’s intelligent activity feed ensures important posts and hot button conversions. Keep the members engaged by recognizing and promoting favored content

Vision of Image Recognition

Strengthen your apps with the power of image recognition to recognize your brand, products and more by training deep learning models.



Einstein AI is wings to the Salesforce Platform. It optimizes salesforce to its maximum. It expands the business opportunity and maximizes conversion through its AI technology. It engages the clients and gives you the list of clients which are most likely to convert.

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