AI-powered Document Analysis for Transformative Efficiency

Customer Background

Analyzing lengthy professional documents or deciphering complex study material has always been a daunting task. It has been seen as a roadblock to professional success and educational growth. DocuSight AI has solved this problem for executives and students. DocuSight AI has introduced a revolutionary document analysis tool that leverages artificial intelligence to simplify complex reports, analyze and summarize documents effectively, and answer all the queries related to documents uploaded quickly and accurately.



The Challenges

DocuSight AI approached Sigma Solve to build an AI-powered document analysis tool with a web interface. To cater to its diverse needs, DocuSight AI wanted three separate tools using the same framework. ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo integration and web solution optimization to meet the needs of the student community, professionals, and bible experts required expertise in developing AI solutions. Maintaining accuracy in answers while constantly updating capabilities demanded meticulous execution.

  • Sigma Solve wanted careful integration of ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo API into the web interface.
  • Setting up a precise PDF analysis guideline and training the AI model based on tool choices was difficult.
  • Efficient user data and subscription management influence technology choices.
  • We wanted to identify and implement precise and accurate PDF analysis with a cloud-native vector database.
  • Scalability, performance, and compatibility are among the factors that influence technology decisions.
  • Complex system requirements dictated the selection based on flexibility, security, and user experience.

The Solutions

  • Our Generative AI experts executed effortless integration of the ChatGPT 4.0 API.
  • Developed a mechanism for precise PDF content examination through natural language interactions.
  • Employed Pinecones to parse PDF content into readable data for accurate ChatGPT 4.0 responses.
  • Utilized Langchain, Next.js, and Typescript to create a seamless framework.
  • Enhanced user experience with adept deployment of management systems: user type, user data, and subscription management.

The Outcome

The primary objective of DocuSight AI was to increase the visibility among the university-going students and new-age executives. Sigma Solve deployed its marketing 360 solutions once the website was launched to help Docusight AI consistently gain 400% visibility. Sigma Solve help Docusight AI achieve 1000 pls subscriptions in just 3 months. Overall, Docusight AI is getting popular among students in the US and many of them are extensively utilizing StudyBud AI.

The Sigma Solve AI team transformed document management, interactivity, and user engagement.

Our generative AI solution enables seamless PDF uploads, precise text examination, and readability.

The integration of diverse technologies ensures exceptional performance.

Streamlined user types and subscriptions for a seamless user experience.

Client Testimonial

Sigma Solve Inc. has been the go-to company for our IT consulting projects. They have consistently delivered enterprise software solutions exceeding our clients' expectations while working within tight schedules and budgets. I highly recommend them.

Jeff Hillier

Affordable projects are completed on time as promised, always! Friendly, excellent communication. They have the best Project Manager and technology strategists. I have worked with Sigma Solve Inc. on many projects for years, and they never failed me. I will continue to work with them.

Andy Narendra

Sigma Solve Inc. is the best web development company I have ever worked with. They are highly responsive, and what is equally important is they care very much about the quality of their work. I highly recommend them.

Tim Krejdovsky