Crescent Memorial Honors a Well-lived Life

Customer Background

Losing a loved one is a deeply personal experience, and navigating the emotions and practicalities of saying goodbye can feel overwhelming. At Crescent Memorial, we understand. We’re a family-owned business founded in 1997 by Terry Jackson in Tupelo, Mississippi. Like many of us, Terry witnessed firsthand the need for high-quality, affordable keepsakes and memorials. Honoring a life well-lived shouldn’t come with a financial burden.


That’s why Crescent Memorial offers various customizable memorial options, from beautiful infant caskets and marble urns to heartfelt keepsakes like life print keepsakes, porcelain portrait tiles, and unique art glass pieces. These personalized items can be a source of comfort and a way to keep your loved one close, even in their absence. They believe that every life deserves to be celebrated.



The Challenges

Developing the mobile app for Crescent Memorial presented the Sigma Solve team with several hurdles. One key issue was ensuring the app captured high-quality fingerprint scans – the lifeblood of Crescent’s personalized keepsakes. Previously, relying on manual scans resulted in inconsistencies and blurry images, impacting the final product. The team needed to develop a system that always provided clear, accurate scans.


Another difficulty Sigma Solve overcame was the app’s unique functionalities. Sigma Solve had to creatively leverage the Laravel framework to integrate the fingerprint-scanning capabilities of Android devices. This meant seamlessly combining the phone’s hardware with the app’s software to ensure smooth data capture. Additionally, automating the entire process—from scanning to image transfer—required meticulous programming to guarantee consistent performance and a user-friendly experience for Crescent’s staff.

  • The focus was on developing a mobile app that, by its existence, reduces enormous costs associated with image grabbing.
  • Transforming the manual scan process into mobile-integrated scanning for accuracy and precision through filters was critical for success.
  • Ensuring HD or 4K quality of reminiscences in images was vital, which required thoughtful consideration of 3rd party applications.
  • Integrating scanning capabilities with all Android devices was the core of the entire business.
  • Sigma Solve had to utilize the programmed frame to earmark the sensor area and custom crop images for accurate HD fingerprint images.
  • Process automation always demands expertise and accurate programming for efficient and consistent performance.

The Solutions

Sigma Solve involved a team of iOS, Android, and Laravel experts to render a solution. The team built a customized Android and iOS-enabled mobile solution. Our team leveraged Android’s in-built scanning ability to scan fingerprints and utilized generative AI’s automation capabilities. They developed a mobile application that scans fingerprints by attaching a USB-enabled scanner, stores images on mobile, and delivers them to the Crescent Administration.

  • Fingerprint Scanning Optimization: The app leverages iOS and Android’s built-in scanning ability and enhances it to capture high-quality fingerprint images.
  • USB Scanner Integration: The mobile app integrates with a USB-enabled scanner for fingerprint capture.
  • Instant Fingerprint Delivery: Generative AI automates the process, ensuring immediate delivery of scanned images to Crescent Memorial.
  • 3rd Party Integration: Sigma Solve integrated ImageMagick on the server side to adjust image quality for optimum results.
  • Automated Fingerprint Scanning Solution: Sigma Solve provided an automated system for capturing and delivering fingerprint images, streamlining Crescent’s workflow.

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The Outcomes

Sigma Solve technological innovation for Crescent Memorial is undoubtedly a stroke of brilliance. From leveraging Android and iOS to automating, we have streamlined their workflow, expediting keepsake production and sales. The user-friendly mobile app broadened their customer base, ensuring their compassionate craft reached more grieving hearts. This newfound efficiency allowed Crescent to focus on the human touch, the cornerstone of their business, while automation took care of the legwork.

Improved Workflow: Sigma Solve streamlined workflow from scanning to manufacturing and memorabilia delivery through process automation.

Reduced Production Delays: Faster image delivery allows Crescent to expedite the production of personalized keepsake products.

Increased Sales: Crescent witnessed multifold sustainable jumps in their sales numbers post-mobile app launch and automation.

Broadened Customer Base: Sigma Solve is instrumental in broadening the user base with the Android and iOS Apps.

Client Testimonial

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Jeff Hillier

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