Cultivate a Thriving Talent Ecosystem with AspireVue

Customer Background

The AspireVue platform began as a leader assessment portal for individuals and organizational users, created by Dr. Larry Kuhn and his company. Many corporations streamline talent selection, onboarding, performance, and development using the most advanced technology of the AspireVue Talent Management Platform. As AspireVue users began asking for more capabilities, Dr. Larry’s current team knew that they needed to outsource a team of full-stack developers. Thus, in 2019, Sigma Solve became their expert developer to help build out and modernize the AspireVue platform.


Human Resource

The Challenges

Initially, Sigma Solve developers were tasked with some unique challenges, including migrating from the Liferay platform to more versatile HTML code. AspireVue’s platform also needed to have complex database management, detailed reporting features, robust performance review, and goal-setting processes, a user-friendly dashboard and journey structure, community and e-learning components, robust store management connections, professional coach functionality, third-party integrations, analytics, and more.

  • Understand the business and its existing system built on the Liferay platform.
  • Designing a complex database management framework with abundant data.
  • Enhancing the core features of their web platform, i.e., production and reports.
  • Building robust store management with assessments and coaching hours.
  • Developing a performance review module with the development plan.

The Solutions

After the initial discovery phase, AspireVue’s team and the Sigma Solve developers repeatedly followed a four-step process: application design, architecture design, development and testing, and maintenance. Once functionality was deployed, this process started over with new features and user options. Most importantly, each phase was completed without interrupting AspireVue’s subscribers’ continued use of their licensed modules.

In addition to the original challenges, Sigma Solve continued to work with the AspireVue team to develop:

  • Updated company, user, and employee access settings.
  • Streamlined assessment, purchasing design, workplace community, and insight stream modules.
  • The project management module, email notification functions, and templates were revamped.
  • An expansion of the goal management module and 360 features were enhanced.
  • Integration with Power BI and other data intelligence tools with detailed visuals. 
  • An eLearning module with badges, courses, and various educational solutions.
  • Migrating the hosting of AspireVue to Amazon Web Service.
  • API integration to connect different software applications.
  • Custom app development and submissions to the Google and Apple App Stores.

The Outcomes

Sigma Solve adopted a dual approach of developing new features to build AspireVue’s capabilities while modernizing its web platform and enhancing overall efficiency. As a result, AspireVue subscribers can experience a fast platform with an easy-to-navigate workflow.


Below are some additional outcomes of the Sigma Solve and AspireVue partnership:

  • Higher performance and better job-fit employees reduce the risk of bad hires.
  • Improved team relationships, simplified hiring and development processes, lower turnover, and stronger business results.

AspireVue increased its client acquisition ratio by 300%.

AspireVue saw a 59% increase in user subscribers on a YoY basis.

My eLearning feature continues to help employees acquire new skills and sharpen existing ones quickly to achieve their goals.

Users of the AspireVue platform reported lower recruitment costs.

AspireVue Talant Management

Client Testimonial

Sigma Solve Inc. has been the go-to company for our IT consulting projects. They have consistently delivered enterprise software solutions exceeding our clients' expectations while working within tight schedules and budgets. I highly recommend them.

Jeff Hillier

Affordable projects are completed on time as promised, always! Friendly, excellent communication. They have the best Project Manager and technology strategists. I have worked with Sigma Solve Inc. on many projects for years, and they never failed me. I will continue to work with them.

Andy Narendra

Sigma Solve Inc. is the best web development company I have ever worked with. They are highly responsive, and what is equally important is they care very much about the quality of their work. I highly recommend them.

Tim Krejdovsky