Fresh Meal Plan Boosts Sales with a Sigma Solve's Solution

Customer Background

Fresh Meal Plan is a meal plan delivery service that delivers freshly prepared meals straight from our kitchen right to your door. The Fresh Meal Plan offers fully cooked meals that simply need to be reheated and are ready to serve. With hundreds of options to choose from and several plans accommodating dietary needs, it’s easy to find a plan that works for your needs.


Food & Beverages

The Challenges

Fresh Meal Plan already had their eCommerce front store active and running when they contacted Sigma Solve. FNP was facing multiple challenges with order processing. Customers were not able to place orders for multiple products under one order, and reordering was difficult, too. They also lacked script notifications, which usually improved sales.

  • Building a mobile app to increase customer reach
  • and developing a mechanism that offers subscription plans
  • The website disconnected from the sales team, leading to communication gaps.
  • Combining two separate databases into one and connecting to the website.
  • The sales team required daily logins to the website admin for order updates.
  • The customer support team was devoid of customer details and order information.

The Solution

Sigma Solve had its task cut to build a mobile app that enables customers to order multiple meal options in a single order, and customers can be able to repeat the order with one or two clicks. Also, FMP wanted user account management from the mobile app itself. Sigma Solve built an app that notified customers about healthy meal options or card abandonment to improve sales. Sigma Solve ensured the addition of allergies and other preferences in customer details for smooth order processing. We simplified the checkout process and customer support.

  • Sigma Solve Implemented and consolidated multiple eCommerce sites
  • Upgraded the nopCommerce platform and integrated Salesforce
  • Developed a mobile app for an enhanced user experience and better reach.
  • A customized admin menu to manage weekly menu posts for varied meal plans.
  • Utilized nopCommerce products for diverse cuisines in multiple meal plans.

The Outcome

Sigma Solve undertook a rigorous development process to build a nomCommerce-based eCommerce solution that solved every challenge related to order management and customer experiences. We ensured that FMP could increase its sales effortlessly by enabling customers to repeat their orders. Consequently, we reduce customer attrition significantly.

Sigma Solve helped improve sales by 40%

Improved order processing efficiency by 87%

Enhanced customer satisfaction by 67%

Reduced order cancellations by 38%

Read What Our Esteemed Clients Say About Us

“More importantly, they got it done right,” says Ian Grunes of Fresh Meal Plan. Sigma Solve was tasked to develop an innovative eCommerce platform that initially increases reach and sales as the brand grows. Ian adds that the Sigma Solve team had done everything FMP asked.

Consequently, Fresh Meal Plan saw 87% efficiency in order processing and, thereby, a 40% sales jump. Further, Sigma Solve ensured 38% lesser cancelation.

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Client Testimonial

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Jeff Hillier

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