Modernizing Web Portal Innovatively with Trimble's e-Builder

Customer Background

Credit for bringing two worlds together goes to Trimble. Trimble proficiently connects the real world with the digital world to create user-centric marvels that reflect quality, safety, and sustainability. It’s a leading name in the tech sector, empowering clients across diverse sectors with its pro-purpose products, lifecycle solutions, and cloud solutions. Its innovations empower clients to develop new perspectives for building, tracking, and growing toward a better quality of life.


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The Challenges

Trimble’s journey with Sigma Solve has been long and transformative. When Trimble took over e-Builder, it wanted to transform the entire legacy system into a contemporary one. However, Trimble sought e-Builder to continue functioning with incremental changes until the new e-Builder replaced the old one. Sigma Solve navigated through a complex process of selecting a technology mix while building a team that can fix the old e-builder and build the new one simultaneously.

  • Constituting a team that manages the simultaneous development processes for an old and a new e-Builder required a detailed strategy and a specific timeline.
  • The team juggled between technologies and integrated each module perfectly with the highest code quality to eliminate vulnerabilities.
  • Aligning primary programming precepts, Kanban concepts, and e-Builder’s development methodology was time-consuming and complex.
  • Custom software development requires an effective communication channel, an extended team, and continuous feedback for collaboration and cohesive development.
  • Sigma Solve was required to optimize the development process continuously to manage the development time frame and throughput in Kanban.
  • Developing and delivering processes required a consistent CI/CD pipeline aligned with agile development practices.
  • Sigma Solve wanted to keep the technical debt at a minimum level to prevent the system from getting bulky, increasing loading time.

The Solutions

Sigma Solve strategized and standardized a collaboration framework between Trimble’s tech experts, product managers, QA leads, our developers, subject experts, industry experts, and automation engineers. This technology mix required us to build a highly experienced and dedicated team that proficiently follows Kanban methodology and manages the development process. Our dedicated team leveraged VB.NET, C#, and Angular JS to build one-of-a-kind software that efficiently manages construction projects.

  • Sigma Solve recently integrated DocuSign and AdobeSign to meet compliance demands and enable digitally signed legal documents.
  • e-Builder requires continued performance evaluation to ensure consistency. Sigma Solve’s dedicated team ensures the highest performance levels every time.
  • Process module enhancement is the core responsibility. Sigma Solve constantly enhances the module with renewed and innovative capabilities.
  • Sigma Solve delivers solutions that give complete control, ensuring efficiency, low downtime, and a competitive edge.
  • A thorough development life cycle was strategized following lean principles & Kanban.
  • Each team member worked on Kanban stories until completion, ensuring that the storyboard progressed smoothly and workflow was maintained daily.
  •  The intertwined development process required internal bugs and customer-identified defects to be resolved in a specific time frame and solved thoroughly.

The Outcomes

Sigma Solve took over the e-Builder for incremental development in 2019 and concurrently reduced glitches and defects to a negligible level in two years. Simultaneous development of the new e-Builder helped Sigma Solve identify defects and avoid making the same ones in the new one.

Maintaining the peak performance of the processing module saves hefty money and effort for the core team.

Consistent bug removal ensures negligible downtime, ensuring the highest productivity for e-Builder clients.

Sigma Solve helped e-Builder reduce their CFDs in the first year by 31% in the second year by 73%.

Sigma Solve completed 1772 tickets in the last two years and nine months. (including CFDs and new enhancements)

Our monthly output for e-Builder tickets averages 50-55 tickets, including regression testing (QA), unit testing, and QA automation.

Improved efficiency, functionalities, and collaboration in e-Builder helped Trimble reduce mistakes and enhance customer support.

Client Testimonial

Sigma Solve Inc. has been the go-to company for our IT consulting projects. They have consistently delivered enterprise software solutions exceeding our clients' expectations while working within tight schedules and budgets. I highly recommend them.

Jeff Hillier

Affordable projects are completed on time as promised, always! Friendly, excellent communication. They have the best Project Manager and technology strategists. I have worked with Sigma Solve Inc. on many projects for years, and they never failed me. I will continue to work with them.

Andy Narendra

Sigma Solve Inc. is the best web development company I have ever worked with. They are highly responsive, and what is equally important is they care very much about the quality of their work. I highly recommend them.

Tim Krejdovsky