Transforming order management through RPA in the healthcare

Customer Background

Pisces Healthcare Solutions is a dedicated health equipment company that serves US service members across a broad spectrum. PHS aims to deliver accurate and exceptional healthcare equipment with patients at the center of their business. PHS has expertise in delivering telemedical consultations and maintaining digital health records.




Pieces Healthcare approached Sigma Solve to enhance its order and inventory management. Scalability was another issue that bothered PHS. Although PHS was receiving orders in good numbers, due to a lack of streamlined workflow, order fulfillment witnessed many delays, and inventory management went out of order.


Consequently, various teams could not focus on customer centrality and remained occupied with repetitive tasks. As a result, operation costs mounted, resource allocation was adrift, and delivery of enhanced customer experiences stalled.

  • Repetitive tasks consumed more time and reduced productivity
  • Unorganized resource allocation impeded operational efficiency
  • Information extraction became difficult with traditional tools
  • Poor order management derailed deliveries with delays
  • Manual data and order processing led to customer dissatisfaction

The Solution

Pisces HealthCare Solutions’ eCommerce store was inefficient, inadequate, and incapable of managing the day-to-day business and the order flow. PHS partnered with Sigma Solve to revive their eCommerce store with order processing automation.

Sigma Solve suggested a feature-rich eCommerce development platform and a chatbot to read and place orders. Below are the critical suggestions implemented by Sigma Solve:

  • Migrating the existing eCommerce store to nopCommerce
  • Developing custom add-ons to extend overall efficiency
  • Developing an AI-powered Bot using OpenBot for automation
  • Integrating elastic search solutions for enhanced customer experiences
  • Maintenance and support for consistently upgrading the existing front store

The Outcome

Once, manually processing a hundred daily orders was difficult for Pisces Healthcare Solutions. Today, PHS efficiently processes 250 to 300 orders per day. Sigma Solve provided a scalable and future-ready eCommerce store with automation to ensure the team at PHS can focus more on productive tasks.

Reduced order processing time by 67% with 91% Automation accuracy

Increased the number of processed orders from 100 to 250 per day

Saving almost 2 to 3 hours per employee every day with RPA

nopCommerce Migration helped improve overall efficiency by 78%

Custom plugins ensure faster order placement by customers

Overall, customer experiences are enhanced by 80%

Client Testimonial

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Jeff Hillier

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Andy Narendra

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