Revive Your Revenue Cycle with Sigma Solve’s Cutting-Edge SaaS Solution

Company Background

Infinity Behavioral Health System (IBHS) is a leading revenue cycle management (RCM) company dedicated to the behavioral health industry. It empowers its clients to focus on patient care by implementing sustainable practices that maximize revenue and minimize claim denials. IBHS offers a comprehensive suite of services, including verification of benefits, utilization reviews, electronic claim submission, claim scrubbing, UB04 & HCFA-1500 billing, claim follow-up, contracting, negotiation, payment posting, reporting, document management, and exceptional customer service.


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The Challenges

While IBHS boasted a robust suite of RCM services, its legacy billing and claims management system was hindering its growth potential. The outdated system lacked scalability and couldn’t keep pace with the industry’s evolving needs. Additionally, IBHS lacked a strong internal technical team to build and maintain a modern platform.

  • Convoluted Coding: Sigma Solve examined the code of the legacy system and found it poorly documented and difficult to modify.
  • Outdated Technology: IBHS had its existing system error-prone and cumbersome to handle the complexities of present day technology upgrades and a modern-day healthcare billing and claim settlement system.
  • Lack of Internal Technical Expertise: IBHS wanted to reduce the gap between its system and the latest technologies and the technological debt.
  • Integration Compatibility: Integrating a new solution with an existing system can be erroneous and may disrupt the entire system.
  • Limited Scalability: The out-of-date technology neither had the capabilities to sustain the data volumes nor the adaptability to meet the needs of the increasing clients.

The Solutions

To address these challenges, IBHS partnered with Sigma Solve to develop a next-generation, cloud-based (SaaS) billing and claims management platform. Sigma Solve leveraged its expertise in software development and healthcare RCM to create a solution that met all of IBHS’s requirements.

  • Legacy System Analysis: We analyzed IBHS’ legacy system thoroughly to gain access to its architecture and dependencies to simply coding during our development.
  • Task Priority: Sigma Solve prioritized tasks based on their feasibility and impact on the existing system to ensure that resources were well augmented and development accelerated.
  • Modern Technology Stack: The new billing and claim settlement system was developed using C#, Angular, SQL Server, and other cutting-edge technologies, ensuring optimal performance and scalability.
  • SaaS Model: The cloud-based deployment offered superior flexibility, accessibility, and cost-efficiency.
  • Integration Testing: We deployed rigorous integration testing to identify and rectify alignment issues at the earliest. Utilize standardized protocols and APIs to facilitate seamless communication between legacy and modern components.
  • Collaborative Development: Sigma Solve’s dedicated team worked closely with IBHS stakeholders to understand their needs and translate them into a user-friendly platform.
  • Agile Development Methodology: The project adopted an agile approach with regular sprints, demos, and feedback loops, ensuring continuous improvement and alignment with IBHS’s vision.

The Outcomes

The new SaaS platform developed by Sigma Solve has transformed the way IBHS manages its revenue cycle. Here are some of the key achievements:

By partnering with Sigma Solve, IBHS has gained a competitive edge with a modern, scalable, and efficient revenue cycle management platform. This success story exemplifies the power of collaboration between industry expertise and cutting-edge technology development.

Enhanced Efficiency: The platform streamlines workflows, automates tasks, and simplifies data management, leading to significant efficiency gains.

Improved Scalability: The cloud-based solution seamlessly scales to accommodate future growth and increasing client demands.

Reduced Costs: The SaaS model eliminates the need for expensive hardware and software maintenance, resulting in cost savings for IBHS and their clients.

Increased Revenue: Faster claims processing and reduced denials contribute to improved revenue collection for IBHS and its clients.

Enhanced User Experience: The user-friendly interface allows IBHS staff to work more efficiently and provides a seamless experience for their clients.

Client Testimonial

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